Wooden balcony roofing: What are the advantages?

You want a roof for your balcony to relax in the summer, to forget about everyday life and to leave the work worries behind? Then you are exactly right here. Lots of useful information and tips around the topic Balcony roofing made of wood can be found in this post.

Wooden decking provides comfort and protection

Shading roof terrace Screening Garden bed made of rattan kitchen on the terrace

For the construction of winter gardens, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions and houses, wood is often preferred because of its properties. Stable and durable, it is a classic when it comes to terrace or balcony roofing. Wood can be processed by hobby craftsmen. In addition, the wood does not heat up in the summer in strong sunlight, so it is completely protected under the canopy.

In terms of aesthetics, the wood is also very popular. This durable construction material looks very fancy and exudes a warm and cozy atmosphere. The wooden structure gives the roofs a particularly noble character, which decorates every balcony in a decorative way. In combination with double-wall sheets it offers wonderful protection against heat and UV rays.

For terrace or balcony roofing wood is the favorite

Wooden balcony roofing floorboards wood floor covering modern design

Many people want to reduce the cost of their terrace or balcony roofing and assemble them yourself. Before building a Balcony roofing made of wood But you need a clear plan. Think carefully if wood is the perfect building material for your balcony. Ask yourself what type of wood is best for the balcony roofing.

Creating a roof terrace: If you like the naturalness of materials

Build a balcony Nature Materials Stone and wood Fireplace installation

In general, the choice of the type of wood depends on the purpose. If wood is not constantly aerated and water is not drained quickly, wood will eventually deteriorate or rot quickly. In such case, you should use an aluminum scaffold. Use a weather-resistant type of wood, such as glued wood. This is a sturdy material that can withstand high loads. It is ideal for home improvement projects.

Since some wood species are not resistant enough, they are easily damaged by the weather conditions. A regular care with wood preservatives agents, such as wood paints and glazes, is always a must.

Watch a video tutorial on building a wooden shelter. Then you can also enjoy great suggestions for wooden balcony roofing in our picture gallery.

House facade with a magnificent effect

Turn the balcony into a retreat

Balcony roofing wooden railing antique stone floor design with table

Wood in combination with double-skin sheets

Balcony roofing itself build from wooden multi-walled garden design on the balcony

Roofing that looks playful and romantic

Wood balcony dark brown yellow facade exterior lighting

Balcony with a modern design

small balcony with seat cushion make wooden bench

Pebble decoration for the balcony

build large terrace with tiles and wooden shading canopy

Make your own balcony comfortable

Balcony design with wood canopy built-in fireplace design

 Straight-line terrace canopy

Roofing wooden balcony self build design round table

Perfect place to relax

Wooden balcony and terrace wooden floor round dining table with chairs

Balcony roofing, which is grown on the house facade

Terraces and balcony roofing wooden exterior stairs

Terrace and balcony wood painted green white canopies

Roofing and a color matching house facade

Patio roofing wood brown glazes balcony idea yellow facade

Balcony roofing wood combination with double jetted wooden railings

Shaping the garden Roofing yourself Building wooden beams Shading in the garden

robust natural wood balcony Shade design with Relax armchair

Balcony canopy Wooden table with poly-rattan seating

A modern pergola for the roof terrace

covered terrace pergola wooden roofing balcony design

Lounge furniture on the balcony

Canopy balcony design balcony set wood shading

Roofing for balcony

Make a balcony roofing wood shading furniture for a terrace

Make your own balcony comfortable

Wood balcony terrace design with swing bench and small rug

Wooden balcony patio roof white Sonnenzurtz awning

A wooden canopy and chic rattan garden furniture

Roofing balcony lounge suite modern carpet deco cushion

beach villa balcony or terrace wooden view and sunshade

large patio with plants design lounge furniture and wood flooring

Build balcony yourself

Balcony build wood ornament plant balcony roofing

Planting for roof terrace

Shaded covered terrace make wooden benches

sturdy wood for balcony or terrace lounge set balcony shape

Balcony canopy wood design multipart table with seating

Screen and pergola roofing made of wood and double-skin sheets

Comfortable balcony with lounge furniture and floor

Rustic canopy for balcony

Balcony roofing for large terrace rural rustic wood left natural

exotic balcony wood beam lounge furniture wooden flower plants

Balcony canopies with glass balcony plants garden table with chairs

Barbecue on the balcony under the wooden canopy

Roofing wood ideas for shading barbecue on the wood balcony

Canopy patio or balcony wooden shading

Balcony canopy wooden painted white garden furniture umbrella lounge

The perfect retreat

Terrace roofing and wooden balcony roof modern garden furniture

Balcony with a beautiful view of the sea wood terrace

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