Yucca Palm – 26 fantastic pictures for inspiration!

The Yucca palm Also known as the Palm Mint, it is a very popular plant for home as well as for the garden. Although the name sounds so, this plant is actually not a real palm, but it is one of the asparagus plants. But they look very similar to the palm trees and can grow very fast. There are also about 30 different types of yucca palm trees. A big advantage is that they are all robust and easy to clean. Some of the species are very popular as indoor plants, others are more suitable for the garden. The Yucca palm requires little water, but the substrate must not dry out completely, otherwise the lower leaves turn yellow and dry up

In our post we collected a lot of photos of different Yuca species for you.

Tall grown Yucca palm

yucca-tree-against-blue-sky-in Torquay Devon-England-

The white flowers of the yucca palm tree

Yucca palm Yucca palm tree

Fantastic photo of a yucca palm

park-make-yucca elephantipes-yucca-hardy

Weather Hardy Yucca palm in the park


The yucca palm is a perfect variant for the garden


A wonderful option for your room 

deco-idea-house plant-yucca-filamentosa-plant-palms

A popular houseplant 

house plant-yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

Beautiful green leaves 

Yucca palm trees

Yucca in the garden 

garden-design-yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

house plant-yucca-filamentosa-plant-palm-garden plants

house plant-yucca-filamentosa-plant-palmen--

house plant-yucca-filamentosa-plant-palms


beautiful-yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

wonderful-plant-yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

yucca elephantipes-yucca-hardy

yucca elephantipes-yucca-winterhart-

yucca elephantipes-yucca-winterhart--

yucca elephantipes-yucca-hardy ---

yucca elephantipes-yucca-hardy-beautiful-plant


yucca plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

yucca plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garten--

-yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garten--

--yucca-plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden

yucca plant-garden plants-palms-deco-by-the-garden-garden-gestaltren

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