130 ideas for pointed nails – the length is important here!

Pointy nails were adopted as something fancy and too naughty a couple of years ago. Today, they are the most popular trend in nail designs. Once worn, you become addicted! In any case, all eyes are drawn to your hands. Anyway, the long and beautifully maintained nails are conspicuous and if they have an almond shape, they are even more provocative. The best part is that sharp nails are suitable as well as for small, as well as for the beautiful long nail plates. They visually extend the fingers and serve as the best pieces of jewelry for the hands of women!

Elegant pointed nails

Art nails pointed decent idea long nails do not need many decorations to be attractive

Shape nails yourself

Your hands can look so elegant and beautiful!

Artificial nails pointy subtle idea round nails to shape and varnish with gel pink and white ombre

But do not forget that pointed nails look extravagant too

Art nails pointed elegant idea extravagant and beautiful pink nail white nail and decorated with stones

Through colors and decorations you can taste and enjoy different designs

Art nails pointy fancy nail polish color idea green lemon green idea great colors for the fingernails

The pointed and almond-shaped nails are among the popular forms of many women in recent epochs. Particularly striking and typical they are for the Pin Up Mode. Marilyn Monroe was then an example of a very attractive woman. These are manners, clothing, but also the details we should not underestimate: red lipstick and long red pointed nails. Among her contemporaries, she appeared rather cheeky and eccentric, yet she still looks inspiring not only for many women worldwide, but also for men of course.

The Pin Up Mode includes red pointed nails and lips in the same color

red long nails belong directly to the pin up epoche ideas to design marilyn monroe

Lana Del Rey - the modern pin up girl

Lana del Rey gives a modern take on the pin up women's long nails and eyelashes grind nostalgia

A large number of famous personalities have been wearing only pointed nails for years. Yes that's true! Although they are constantly changing their image in order to be attractive again and again, there are also some classics that do not come out of fashion. This form of nails is especially popular not only with Lana Del Rey, but also with Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj and many others. And you can even run such nail shapes and great designs at home.

The pointed nails of the stars:

1. Adele - she likes the sharp fingernails best 

lace nails of adele beautiful singer the world famous english singer adele lidstrich green eyes

Another subtle design in beige from the popular singer

lace fingernails of adele beautiful design subtle and elegant in beige big ring long nails beautiful hand

2. Lady Gaga

Once again lady gaga lace nails in beige with black decorations eccentric style of the stars

The pointed nails of Lady Gaga beige color of the nails black and golden ring yellow dress

3. Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce

long nails of the stars beyonce and lady gaga like the long nails femininity famous female singers

4. Nicky Minaj

nicky minaj with her new album long blonde hair tip nails hip hop singer pink lips

5. Rihanna

Rihanna red hair red hairstyle long curly hair long lace nails in red color singer

The beautiful singer likes best long tip shaped nail designs pink top beads bracelet tattoos

To make the pointed nails of the stars themselves, you first need the appropriate length of the plate. For this you need:

  1. Many vitamins and minerals in your diet - a huge role plays the intake of vitamin B7, still called biotin. It is found in nutrients such as mushrooms, nuts, oatmeal, egg yolks, some fruits and vegetables.
  2. Cream or oils to massage nails, follicles and whole hands. The nails are strengthened, the soft - soft and so you easily remove the superfluous skin and not least, the hands are given a shiny look. Many cosmetic products for these purposes can be found on the market, but these contain either parabens or poisons and preservatives, or at worst, all of them at once. Consequently, it would be best if you prepare yourself a hand cream - so you know exactly what ingredients are used. And at the same time, depending on the needs of the skin and your preferences, you can include various oils and fragrances.
  3. good nail care instruments: high quality nail file - these are Solingen's favorite, when it comes to just filing your own nails with it. If you visit a salon or help your girlfriends with shaping the nails, then the files for individual use are more recommendable. Otherwise it creates the danger of transmission of bacteria and nail diseases. For this you still need products for disinfection and cleaning: nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, nail knife - optional (we advise against it), hygiene spray, nail polish remover u.a. After the nails have grown long and beautifully, they need the appropriate high quality care, right? And go for painting and designing.

Pointed nails visually extend all nail plate shapes and give the exotic look of the hands

short and small nail plate with a pointed shape look longer and more elegant from great manicure

In addition, they look so luxurious: a Burberry design

nails pointed design ideas red nails burberry nail design with painted lines beige black white ideas

And do not forget to add more jewelry for hands - e.g. one or more rings

nails pointed design ideas pink purple lace nails nail polish design glittering nails metallic effect many rings

We would like to refer you to the different procedures for the design of sharp nails. As you know, there are several other enthusiasts besides us who are looking for ever more practical and modern ways to extend, beautify, and maintain manicure. For this reason, one can find fascinating ideas for unique nail designs on the spot in the shop and online in the search engine or in Youtube. We have chosen the best of them and would like to introduce them to you.

1. make tip gel nails yourself - very easy tutorial 

2. A fast and cheap option

When it comes to nail design, you can give your imagination a run for free. You do not need to be a professional to make beautiful manicures yourself. For those who can not paint so well with the thin brushes, there are also many stickers for sticking - for all the nails or just as a decoration. Nail design with stones is always trendy and looks so chic! Matt colors, glitter, mandala decorations, even rings for nails can be found! The understated models are elegant and look class, but every now and then you need a colorful change. Let yourself be inspired by our gallery, we follow only the last tendencies!

Many ideas are designed at once

Art nails pointy awesome finish in matte pink and glittering silver white decorative lines pebbles

Art nails pointed long nails in dull color gray black blue black decorative painting mandala or henna

Art nails pointed ideas black nails and a white nail with black decorations lines and dots

marble effect 

Art nails pointy great idea gray nails white nails with marble effect stones nail design with stones

Unusual manicures attract the attention

Artificial nails spitz ideas to design white and black with personalities drawn on the white

My favorite model 

artificial nails spitz ideas to admire long gray pointed nails in gray with turquoise glittering decoration

This color is achieved with the help of a special glitter

Art nails pointy ideas unique blue color with glittering effect like a mermaid mermaids ideas

Colorful colors for the summer

nails pointed design ideas to design blue fingernails with black decorations and glittering bow

nails pointed design ideas fancy colors orange and cyclamen with stones of different sizes idea

Unusual and elegant - is this combination possible?

nails pointy design ideas subtle colors for fancy shape of the nails nails design ideas beige golden white

nails pointed design ideas light pink color nail polish with stones and glittering elements golden decoration for nails

nails spitz design ideas to shape skin color nails golden glitter spiky nail designs idea

nails pointed design idea white nails look great with the golden deco symbolizing the folkloric cleanliness

nails pointed design ideas purple flowers white floral lace nails nail design with painted flowers

Only use top products - O.P.I nail polish

nails pointed design ideas gray glittering nails nail design with opi nail polish models collecting ideas

Beautiful gel nails

nails almond shape ideas green color nail polish golden nails glittering stones ideas white background

nails almond shape design ideas for beautiful nails model full lips lipstick and nail polish combine

Lace nails can be beautifully decorated with hearts 

nails almond shape ideas red bows lace nails designs white manicure with decorations heart

gel nails pointed pink elegant and subtle color heart decoration deco ideas for beautiful nails

lace nails nail design in pink and black decorations with hearts black hearts on pink nailplate

nails almond shape ideas long pointed nails yellow apricot color black decorations love and kiss

Matt nails 

nails almond shape design ideas for beautiful nails nail polish nail design dotted matt paint lines idea

Colorful and funny design with ice cones

nails almond shape decoration ideas long nails pointed ice decorated on the nails purple nail polish ideas

Nails almond shape with ice cream decorations painted colorful ice creams blue pink green brown chocolate ideas

Very subtle manicure embellished by rings

Nails almond shape Beautiful hand with two big rings White almond-shaped nails selfie in the car

pastel colors

french nails round ideas decent to design pastel shapes turquoise pink glitter decoration pearls golden effects

french nails round ideas design purple nail polish glittering purple with beads decorated nails white background

french nails round ideas rainbow colorful design colorful colors on the nails beautiful shape gel nails paint

French nails round red or orange shorter nails blue nails white nails black decorations

french nails round ideas to design great nail design with stones and painted decorations beads

french nails round ideas to design great decorative nails with black lines drawn nail polish red stones

nails form black nails and a glittering white nail with great effects of dull paint and varnish contrast


nails form beautiful fingernails beige black stones and beads decorations glittering silver effects

Pointy nails with built-in silver elements

black nails design ideas to design great decoration for nails silver effects incorporated in the paint

gel nails ideas black nails blue silver glittering design with built-in elements trends nail polish

A great transparent line 

black gel nails with a transparent line decorations for nails nail polish ideas black color

The more colorful, the better for the summer 

gel nails shapes pointed shape owl decoration painted yellow nails stones purple nails with dots

nails form great shape of the nails nice design ombre effect glittering and beautiful nail design orange

nails form long nails unique photo great design photo in car white nails big ring

Diamonds design

paint and design gel nails like diamond stones beige nail polish with black decorations

Tip nails immitate

black nails nail design ideas lace shape with colors shape pointed nails paint illusion

The pointed nails do not need stark colors to look attractive

fingernails pictures nice decent manicure to make yourself glittering nails shape big rings photo

Subtle beige design with pearls

fingernails images very long pointed nails need only subtle colors to look elegant beige and decouples

Further ideas

fingernails images ideas white nails decorations on white in various neon colors green yellow orange

fingernails images ideas decorations glittering blue-turquoise colored nails long pointed golden deco

fingernails pictures beautiful nails paint pink and green turquoise black lines separate the two great colors

fingernails images beautiful artificial nails dark purple dull paint with stones and black decorations

fingernails pictures beautiful pictures of nails colorful design golden blue pink black colors blends

fingernails pictures beautiful pictures of manicures blue matte sky design colorful subtle colors stones golden

fingernails pictures red nails golden glittering nails with colorful design class stylish manicure

fingernails images beautiful image nails in silver color metallic effect animal pattern print for manicure

fingernails pictures dull pointed toenails golden glitter beige nails turquoise colors golden lines decoration

fingernails images ideas purple-blue color and transparent color on it white flowers are painted

nails pictures ideas white and golden colors stones golden line as a deco a nail is completely covered by stones

nails pictures ideas to design french nails design ideas great shape of fingernails white and pink varnish

nails pictures beautiful pictures of nails blue nail polish ideas white nail polish and with blue leoprint decoration

nails pictures ideas beige nail polish with stones and white decorations stones cover the nails

nails pictures ideas to make beautiful nails in blue and white with golden decorations golden rings

nails pictures beautiful design ideas dull color nails interesting shape golden lines decorate glitter


nails pictures ideas to design pink nails with stones decorating different sizes glitter

nails pictures to astonish long pointed nails with black decorations beige color nail polish ideas

lace nails design ideas beige and brown deco effects glittering nails ideas to design deco ideas

lace nails design ideas drama look of nails black and blue glitter beautiful design of nails

lace nails nail design with stones in white black and glittering silver color decorations nice

lace nails design ideas blue nails white nails colorful decorations in golden colors and white

tip nails design ideas to make yourself the best products for the care of the nails use essie varnish

lace nails fancy ideas for nail design nails french paint unpractical great length jeans photo

decorate nails yourself shapes paint and decorate with stones red nails long pointed ideas

lace nails beautiful nail design ideas long nails pointed stones decorations on the nails painting


lace fingernails ideas decorations nail design with stones on black and dark green nailplate

lace fingernails design ideas pink nail polish transparent lacquer glitter ring ideas to make yourself deco

lace fingernails design ideas red nail polish ideas purple a nail polish color but strikingly beautiful rings

lace fingernails pink red pointed nails nail polish design with glitter and black flower decorations

lace fingernails zyklame fingernails ideas glittering design of one of the nails glitter iblumen-shaped ring

short lace fingernails pink and purple with white and golden combine decorations stones glitter ideas

lace fingernails design ideas in purple and beige combined with golden stones perfume bottle bow deco

nails pointed beige matte paint with stones a nail nurr with stones and metallic glittering effects


nails pointed pointed design ideas red nails dotted with a black bow and pearl stones

lace nails in gray nuances shape glittering decorations silvery gray blue-gray color design

paint artificial fingernails and stick themselves on cosmos cosmic decorations on nails

lace nails ideas matt red nails design ideas simple design great idea for beautiful nails

artificial nails nail design in gray and silver ideas for designing and decorating artificial nails

lace nails design ideas green turquoise golden stones white nails with square decorations

decorating nails yourself decorating ideas in blue blue colors and silver elements to decorate

nail design ideas to shape beautiful colorful fingernails by yourself molding and painting with nail polish

gel nails paint subtle color beige combined with beautiful stones idea to fashion large ring

lace nails design idea pink nail polish with golden drops decorations beautiful manicure discounts

Do you see the german flag here?

lace nails design in dull color dark red yellow decorations yellow red and black combine red black golden

sharp nails in a subtle and elegant design and beautiful purple color combined with many rings

lace nails design ideas short nails pointy shapes orange color purple and black deco ideas to make yourself

lace nails ideas subtle colors white almost transparent with glittering parts decorating gel nails

gel nails pointy ideas white and glitter stones dream catcher with feathers decorations amazing beautiful deco idea

gel nails pointy design unique subtle pink color combined with glitter and make beautiful manicure

gel nails pointy in red color elegant shiny nice with golden rings combine great ideas women

nails pointed purple and red shiny colors decorated with pebble rings beautiful design ideas

gel nails pointy woman model with red lips and red long gel nails golden rings decoration retro style make-up hairstyle

gel nails pointed matt color matt nail polish in dark red color gray red combination for the photo ideas

gel nails pointy in black matte color black decorations blue nail polish ideas colorful decoration with stones

gel nails pointy pink nails design idea golden rings with stones nail design with stones ideas loop

finger nails shape and paint with neon colors colorful colors yellow orange pink red black decoration ideas

gel nails pointed oval almond-shaped nails design in cyclamen beige and golden glitter and shiny lines

gel nails design with two different colors of nail polish with glitter and without glitter only shiny

gel nails square ideas for imitation colorful design decoration with crown and round stones beads orange color

nails angular with colorful colors orange black white stones beads decorations beautiful beads

colorful nail design with beautiful drawings on the fingers yellow purple white black decorations glittering

Other ideas with pastel colors

long lace nail deign ideas pastel yellow discreet simple design chanel stone decorations

colorful pastel colored gel nails design ideas blue green yellow orange pink design ideas lace

gel nails square green with stones colorful stone beads as a deco article for nails use great ideas

Gel nails square green and white as base varnish use stones for decoration and shiny golden lines

sharp design for beautiful nails nail design with stones grindy black nails heart decoration white inscription

nailart spitz ideas to fashion beautiful manicure are a must for any self-confident woman's ideas

The animal motifs are also popular

nailart pointy ideas with white nail polish and leo print in black color decorations nice for nails

A perfect date look

long lace nails manicure in red color nail design with stones red lipstick date look evening

decent nail design with stones golden deco elements white nails paint green orange golden decorate

colorful gel nails themselves make fancy colors and design ideas colorful stones neon nail polish

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