55 gel nails glitter ideas to the perfect mermaid effect

Have you heard of the "mermaid effect" in manicures? It's all about special gel nails glitter that are neatly dabbed on the nails after the gel paint has been applied. Mostly, this glitter is quite fine, so it comes to the effect shown below. But you can also find larger variants that decorate the fingernails or toenails uniquely. Take a look at the variety of ideas and designs in our picture gallery.

Apply gel nails glitter yourself

Apply gel nails glitter on the nails yourself dab and polish shiny nail designs in blue

But before you can do some of the glittering and decorating, you need to make the gel nails. Personally, I do not like the artificial extensions, so I would rather just opt ​​for the Gelläcke. Because they reinforce the natural nails without having to attach additional elements. In addition, when everyone comes and you ask "Why do you have such a beautiful manicure? Are they artificial? "Then you can always proudly answer that these are your natural nails. And it remains our little secret how you care for her so long and beautiful.

Another benefit of the gel enamel: it looks brighter than the traditional colors. That's just a fact. Point.

In addition, it lasts longer on the nail plates - at least 2 weeks you can enjoy the beautiful gel nails glitter effect on your hands! Here comes the best detail in this context: You are welcome to make your own gel nails! Yes, it is very simple and the necessary materials can be found in DM as well as in any other drugstore. Here we have selected a useful tutorial for you:

Make gel-lacquer nails yourself

If you have already painted the layers of paint, then the time for dabbing from the gel nails glitter comes to the beautiful shiny effect. Use a powder brush to remove the excess glitter, then apply the top coat and put it back in the UV lamp. Already you can feel like a mermaid not only for Halloween, but also at any other time. Let's not forget that doing the manicure yourself saves you energy, time and money to visit a studio. Make nail designs at midnight - why not! They have the skills, all the useful materials and can handle their own time. Just be careful! If your girlfriends learn about your magical powers, it is highly likely that they also want to do the manicure with you. That would be quite good for one or two times .. more would make the hobby already a profession. Consider your time and materials and do not compromise with yourself if you do not fancy filing and painting.

Mermaid nails - the blue is a must with this effect

nails glitter for the perfect effect of the mermaid nuances of the blue almond-shaped nails beautifully shape

Let yourself be inspired here and try different designs and ideas on yourself or on friends / relatives. Do not hesitate to share your experiments with us. We can be reached via Facebook, Instagram or by email.

Mix of colors - looks great too!

gel nails glitter in different colors for the perfect mermaid nail design colorful pastel colors discreetly elegant very nice

Gel nails Glitter to the mermaid effect - learn from the best

Shining nail design that reflects the light 

gel nails glitter great effects on the nails beautiful glitter effects in different colors shiny nails

A subtle beige-pink interweaving of colors

gel nails glitter kruze manicure painted in pink-beige beautiful interweaving of colors uniquely subtle elegant

Orange nuances of mermaid manicure

gel nails glitter to the seeming effect great manicure design itself effectively white pell background

Gel nails glitter in the most modern colors of the year

gel nails glittering effect on the fingernails blue green black purple pink colors glitter on the nails manicure

If the glitter is not enough, then you can also use mermaid stamps - the result is fascinating

nail design gallery mermaid decorations on the beautiful nails blue purple green black lines nail sticks

Diversity of ideas - all at once - why not!

nail design gallery beautiful nail designs with stones colorful pastel lace nails with stones and glitter

Lace nails - designs inspired by summer and sea

nail design gallery diversity of ideas for beautiful nail design with pearls and stones glitter manicure summer nails meeresnagel

Gel nails glitter in blue - cause the sea ambience at any time of the year

nail art pictures glitter manicure to astonish simple nail design with glittering elements blue purple pink white

In what color do you want your nails to shine?

nail art pictures beautiful glitter colors to decorate nail decorate shiny effect blue pink cyclamen brown golden

Fancy nail design ideas with glitter

nail art pictures lace nails in red color glitter nail design halloween nails make yourself

The shining glitter nails can also look elegant and very subtle

nailart pictures gel nails form yourself beautiful gel nails designs in beige and golden glitter effects deco

fingernails images beautiful manicure cosmos effect blue-gray nails long nails glitter winternails make yourself

Burberry design of gel nails - class and style

gel nails gallery nail design in beige black and golden glitter nails design ideas stripes deco black brown beige

Elegant gel nails glitter manicure

nails gallery discreet design in pink and golden sparkling nails nail designs almond shape of the nails

Colorful design on black base - which is your favorite glitter color? 

gel nails gallery beautiful nails designs to inspire glitter decorations in different colors purple golden colorful glittering ornament manicure

gel nails gallery everything you need for a colorful nail design manicure for a good mood round glitter decoration pink orange green blue silver decoration

A simple design idea that makes your nails look like diamonds 

gel nails gallery beautiful manicure in silver color almond-shaped nails silver decorations on the nails

What do you choose? Unicorn, mermaid or superstar!

gel nails gallery as the various decorative elements to decorate fingernails are called

nails gallery colors decorations beautiful nail designs with glitter black pink golden decoration for the nails

gel nails gallery beautiful fingernails yellow design model finger long and with beautiful manicure nail design with stones

Excellent gel nails Glitter design idea in combination with pastel colors 

gel nail design ideas pastel colors on the nails nails pink blue glitter nails with stones heart decoration

Cosmos nails 

gel nageldesign beautiful black nails with glittering ornament cosmos effect short nails beautiful decorate manicure great design yourself

gel nail design three colors on hand white beige golden decent manicure on any occasion elegant nail design geometric shapes

gel nail design ideas to imitate gel nails yourself make color skin color or pink beautifully decorated with white and silver

nail design glitter beautiful purple nails short nails with glitter decorate deco ideas beautiful nails to make yourself

Winter Nails - Festive Gellack Ideas

nail design glitter long winter nails make themselves red color in winter beautiful nail design fingernails red white and silver glitter decoration

Blue, green, turquoise and mint green are the leading colors in mermaid manicures

nail design glitter elements in different shapes sizes and colors colorful decoration for nails colorful manicure funny mood

Elegant nail design with stones and glitter 

nail design glitter beautiful manicure to astonish glitter design and nail design with stones pink shiny nails

nail design glitter ideas to design beautiful fingernails completely covered with glitter blue green white transparent colors gel nails

decorate and decorate beautiful nails with the help of glitter colorful glitter elements design deco nails

beautiful nails themselves make black and silver classic nail design for any occasion stylish nails

Ombre glitter nails

Beautiful gel nails ombre nails black over pink to white transition glitter decorating glitzernagellack manicure

Beautiful gel nails in white color fingernails and toenails in the same color paint and shape lace nails

Beautiful gel nails paint glittering design for short nails elegant and interesting bee design black and orange stripes

beautiful nails with glitter shape variety of color of the shiny elements colorful decoration for the nails

beautiful gel nails dark purple paint decoration on a nail in silver color nail design with stones

beautiful nails black nails nail design silver decorations cobweb or cosmos design

gel nails pointed or smooth no matter what shape you have - use them glitter to make full effect great fingernails

gel nails pointed matte design with golden decorations on black lips imitate golden ring

gel nails design ideas in blue a fingernails is made only with glitter painted blue glitter short nails beautiful

gel nails french with black line and glitter on it beautiful idea extravagant short nails varnish

French nails make a nail varnish and the others glitter with shiny nail designs

gel nails french or not his black nail polish decorated with golden glitter nice idea for the discreet manicure

Funny unicorn design 

nails glitter unicorn design idea small nails short nails design to amaze funny nails to enjoy

nails nude the whole plate is covered by glitter great idea shiny nail designs silver color colorful

nails with silver decoration decorate fine deco elements in silver color a small box with decoration

Nail art for brides (... and not only)

nail design summer this season is the most popular white color bridal nail design in white and golden glitter effect

Lace nails - the hit of the years 2017 and 2018 

nails with different colors ornate mint green nail polish orange glitter lace nails pointy nail design

gel nails to astonish skin color base with violet colored decorations sparkling ideas

Christmas nail design for short nails

glitter to christmas red nails with glitter dab deco on a nail brown with white and green nail design with stones short nails

Make your nails shine like diamonds and draw everyone's attention 

Let your nails look like diamonds different sizes of diamonds

The perfect disco nails 

gel nails pointy glitter mermaid effect beautiful nails shape silvery shining nails

short gel nails painted in different colors oval shape make it discreet and striking

Mermaid - toenail design

nail design gallery nails with mermaid effect toenails beautifully paint and decorate nail decoration glitter

gel nails pointed long nails nail design with stones golden deco aud some nails dull paint

nail design to inspire mermaid design ideas in different colors nail design with stones lace nails

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