Blonding hair – practical tips and tricks

In today's article, we have put together practical tips and tricks around the topic "bleaching hair" for you. Read on to find out what to look out for when bleaching, to help you avoid mistakes and how to properly care for your blond-dyed hair. Discover the perfect blond tone and get ideas and inspiration for your new hair style!

Blonde hair: practical tips

  • Do not brighten up your hair by more than two shades to make it look natural.
  • Choose a color that harmonizes with your complexion.
  • Do an allergy test before starting to blond.
  • If you want to lighten your hair gradually or just a tone, use a blond spray.
  • If your hair is already bleached, just dye the laces.
  • If you have red pigments in your hair, these should be broken down when bleaching.
  • If you already have dyed hair, you should rather get help from a professional.
  • When you bleach all your hair, start with the lengths and the tips.
  • Do not leave the bleach on for more than 45 minutes.

Bleach hair and just look glamorous

Blonde hair, blonde medium-long hair, dark blue shirt with white dots, long coat, black bag and boots

Proper care

  • Treat your hair only with special shampoos for dyed hair. They protect the color pigments and give the hair more color intensity.
  • A hair mask and a conditioner for colored Hare provide in addition for ultimate shine and good color quality.
  • The batches should be retouched every 6 to 7 weeks, so that your hair always looks fresh.
  • Avoid daily heat styling and products such as sprays or gels, which put a heavy strain on your hair.
  • Shorten the tips every 4 to 5 weeks to prevent dryness.

Which blond shade suits me?

  • Platinum blonde is the brightest of all blondes and is best suited to ladies with light brown or blue eyes and light or medium skins. The trademark of the fashion icon Merilyn Monroe is always trendy. Platinblond is especially good at pop singers Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.
  • Strawberry Blond is a warm shade between red and blond. This shade is best for women with a light or rosy complexion and light blond, copper red or light brown natural hair.
  • Dark blonde, also called light brown, fits both the porcelain finish, as well as to olive skin. A few lighter strands give your dark blond hair a natural look and make it look fresh and summery.
  • Goldblond, also known as honey blond, is particularly luxurious and noble. This blond shade is best for women with blue, green or hazel eyes and a light to medium skin tone.
  • Ash blonde is two-three shades darker than silver. It is the perfect choice for brunettes looking for variety.

Platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and Snow White tein

medium-length blonde hair and blue eyes, percelain aunt and pink lips, cool summer outfit, gray top and shorts with sequins

Strawberry Blonde - the nuance between blonde and red

Dark blonde hair is good for everyone

Beautiful woman with light brown long hair, bright red lipstick and nail polish, subtle eye make-up

Goldblond- noble and stylish

Blonde hair, long blond hair, smokey eyes and delicate lip color, olive complexion and peach rouge, white tshirt

Ash blonde hair also fits the olive complexion

choose the perfect make-up for blonde hair, peach rouge and subtle eye make-up

Which makeup fits blond hair?

Blonde hair, Blake Lively hairstyle, beautiful blonde hair, red lips and natural eye make-up, black dress without straps

Taylor Swift relies on a dull lipstick that blends perfectly with hair color

Bleach hair, choose the right blond, blue eyes harmonize with dress and earrings, day make-up

Subtle eye make-up and bright red lips - Cara Delevingne enchants with style and elegance

Cara Delevingne hairstyle, long dark blond hair, bright red lips, evening dress with sequins

Smokey eyes and bronze complexion

Hair dye blond, dark blond hair, black headscarf with pearls, eye-catching earrings, black leather clothes, smokey eyes and bright red lips

Scarlett Johansson relies on black mascara and shimmering lip gloss

Dyeing blond hair, dark blond hair, white lace dress, eye-catching jewelry and subtle make-up

Accentuated lips contrast with the blond hair color

blonde bob hairstyle and snow white complexion, bright red dolls, black and white striped blouse

Blonde short hairstyle, porcelain touch and blue eyes, bright red lips and subtle eye make-up

Sofia Verga Hairstyle, dark blond long hair, eye-catching earrings and bright red lipstick, white evening dress without straps

Make-up for blonde hair, Smokey Eyes and bright red lips, dark blond hair and black eyebrows

A peach-colored rouge emphasizes the delicate features of the blondes

blonde short hairstyle, subtle make-up, white dress without straps, silver chain with crystals

Jennifer Aniston hairstyle, dark blond medium-length hair, glittering dress with a deep V-neck, day make-up

The lighter strands give your hairstyle freshness and shine

dark blonde hair with curls, matt lipstick and black mascara, white short top, eye-catching jewelry

Blonde is always in fashion!

long blonde hair with natural curls, day make-up, delicate lipstick and mascara, yellow sweater

medium length blonde hair, wine red dress and black leather jacket, short skirt with belt

Blondes for a darker complexion

dark blonde hair and blue eyes, pink lips and olive complexion, white top with blue lines

Beautiful woman with light brown hair and brown eyes, dull lips and smokey eyes

dark blond hair with beautiful curls, subtle eye make-up and bright red lipstick, big silver earrings

The blond shades of the stars

Rihanna with blond hair, hairstyle with bangs, dull lips and subtle eye make-up, olive evening dress

Tyra Banks inspires with perfect hairstyle and style

Tyra Banks hairstyle, smooth dark blond hair with bangs, black evening dress without straps, eye-catching golden chain, bright red lipstick

Natural beauty

Shakira hairstyle, long blond hair with natural curls, snow white complexion, day make-up, white sweater

Reese Witherspoon with day make-up, white t-shirt with flowers on sleeves, pink lips and black mascara

Would you choose blond?

blonde long hair and blue eyes, matt lipstick and eyeliner, checkered coat in black and white

Hair dyeing blond, Candice Swanepoel in purple bikini, matt lipstick, black mascara, olive skin complexion

Cool ideas for hairstyles and styling 

Blonde hair, Blake Lively hairstyle, blonde long hair, natural curly hair, pink lips and black mascara, white V-neck dress

Shoulder length bob hairstyle

Blonde hair, great medium-long hairstyle, olive complexion, yellow dress with long sleeves, orange high heels, silver handbag, eye-catching bracelets

blonde bob hairstyle, day make-up, black dress with white collar and cuffs

Golden braids

blonde smooth hair braiding, big eye-catching earrings, day make-up, eyeliner and pink lipstick

Braiding hair, choosing make-up for blonde hair, black mascara, pink lipstick and delicate rouge

Summery look

Candice Swanepoel with summer outfit, long light blue dress, straight blond hair

Stella Maxwell in bikini, colorful cardigan and white sneakers, blonde medium-long hair

blonde medium-long hair, denim overalls, white top with short sleeves, black boots

Blonde hair and yellow outfit - a radiant combination

Hair dyeing blond, medium-length hairstyle, yellow dress with black floral motifs, Snow White Tein, red lips

medium-length blonde hair, orange blouse with floral patterns, black pants, natural look

Choose a beautiful hair accessory for your shiny hair

medium-length blonde hair, summer outfit, white shorts and top with wide sleeves, eye-catching jewelry

blond woman with black hair band, pink lips and tender eye make-up, black straps

Blonde queens

Lillian Van Der Veen Hairstyle, beautiful curls, silver tiara with crystals, dress with long sleeves and a deep slit

Blonde dyed hair, white dress, colorful cardigan, black boots, long chain with cross

Blondes always bring summer mood with them

Correct hair color fits me, blonde medium long hair, olive complexion, white dress with black dots, pink cardigan

dark blond hair, black eyebrows, olive complexion, blue eyes and dull lips

blonde medium-long hair, vintage outfit, light blue skirt, strapless red top

Do blondes really have more fun?

Stella Maxwell in Urban Outfit, black jumpsuit without straps, gold jewelry necklace and bracelet

blond woman with nice smile, subtle make-up, black blouse with v-neck

Choose the right shade for your skin type

blonde long hair with natural curls, eye-catching earrings, white outfit with golden beads

medium-length blond hair, Snow White complexion, blue eyes and bright red lips, red lace tunic, eye-catching jewelry

Candice Swanepoel hairstyle, dark blond long hair, white short dress with long peaked sleeves

Platinum, gold or dark blonde?

Blonde dyed hair, medium length haircut, gray sweater and plaid short skirt, black long stockings

blonde long hair, casual outfit, white shorts, light gray top with collar, dark gray cardigan

Cameron Diaz haircut, dark blond straight hair, bright red lipstick, black evening dress with short sleeves

Dense and shiny hair through proper care

blonde bob hairstyle, smooth medium-long hair, matt lipstick and black mascara, colorful top

smooth and long blonde hair, porcelain touch and matte lips, silver ring, black top

blond woman with long ponytail, dark lipstick and eye-catching earrings, dress with straps

A little more inspiration from our favorite stars

Taylor Swift in red, light brown hair and blue eyes, bright red lips and bright rouge

blonde long hair and porcelain touch, beautiful natural curls, white dress with lace elements

Charlize Theron with short hairstyle, subtle make-up, pink lips and black mascara, golden dress

Reese Witherspoon with an elegant outfit and subtle make-up, porcelain touch and lips in coral

Get ideas for your new hairstyle

Blonde Dyed Hair, Natural Eye Makeup and Red Lips, Snow White Complexion, White Dress

long blond hair, matt lipstick and black mascara, purple fur coat, top with sequins

long blonde hair, olive complexion, smokey eyes and red lipstick, white top

Femininity and elegance

Lily Donaldson in red, long blond hair, glitter evening dress, decorated with crystals, bright red lipstick

long blonde hair, summer outfit, light blue V-neck dress, natural make-up

Choose the perfect blonde, olive complexion, blue eyes, matt lipstick

Casual hairstyles and urban style

blond hair and blue eyes, Snow White complexion, long black stockings, white shirt

blonde medium-long hair, plaid skirt, white shirt with black dots and denim jacket, dark green leather bag

Pick the right blonde and dye your hair, shoulder-length bob hairstyle, blue V-neck shirt, maroon shorts

Stella Maxwell in urban outfit, white tshirt and wine red hat, light brown pants and black jacket

A few more impressive hairstyles

long blond hair, blue eyes and porcelain touch, black dress with lace elements

Hair dye blond, shoulder length bob hairstyle, smokey eyes and peach rouge, black shirt

beautiful woman with long blond hair and blue eyes, white dress with short sleeves

Hilary Duff hairstyle, long blond hair, olive complexion, dull lips and smokey eyes

Long blond hair with beautiful curls, porcelain touch and bright red lips, dark blue dress with white dots

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