Bohemian style with ballet tutu – hit again in 2018

The years are changing, new times and trends are coming, but a few things, even in the fashion world, remain eternal. Everyone will agree that class and style are part of it. Excellent examples of this are the little black dress that suits any evening event, the elegant white wedding dress - universal at every wedding, the red heel shoes that give the wearer a special sense of style and appeal. Do you have any further suggestions? Yes, of course there are several such garments and accessories. But let's not get away from the main topic too much. This article is dedicated to the Bohemian style and more specifically to an eternally modern piece that should be present in the wardrobe of every lady - the tutu. No, the tutu is not just worn by little girls. Remember Merilyn Monroe and Carrie Bradshaw from the famous series. Although you should have a certain amount of impudence, because this type of skirts is not worn by every woman. But you will definitely catch the eye by looking stylish, modern and very feminine. Immerse yourself in our picture gallery to collect some ideas on how to combine and wear a tutu. So keep up with the fashion in 2018.

Bohemian style with tutu belongs to the everlasting fashion

boho dress white skirt red lipstick blonde short hair marilyn monroe picture fashion of the fifties still trendy

If you aim a gracious and feminine look even in cloudy weather, then pull the tulle skirt out of the wardrobe. Combined with comfortable high heels, you will feel like a real ballet dancer and look just as fine and beautiful.

Girlish trendy look with pink tutu

tutu skirt ladies pink skirt black white blouse black sandals and bag wristwatch curly hair red lipstick

With a tutu, you can not only achieve the girlish look. It can be just as cool added to the "drama outfit", super attractive and sexy or even extravagant. As you know, our team may look at any questions from all perspectives and we are no exception to the bohemian style with tutu. We also like the style combinations like the one shown below, where the subtle white ballet skirt with black and dark red accessories and blouse is worn together. In addition, the color combination of black and white is classic and easy to style. So you can combine this ballet skirt with an elegant black shirt and heel shoes and complement the look with fine jewelry and stylishly shine on a party or a cocktail. On the other hand, just as cool a basic blouse and sneakers can come, which contribute to the trendy everyday look. Depending on your own style and preferences, you can realize a variety of ideas and the most important thing is that you wear them proudly, confident and satisfied!

The good and the bad - a multi-faceted fashion icon

tutu skirt ladies one outfit three photos black blouse white tutu blonde model woman black shoes glasses

Just as evergreen trendy, but a bit more dramatic and eye-catching is the totally black outfit. Anyone can admit it: black is the color you could not make a single mistake on. Try and you will convince yourself of this claim. To look self-confident and stylish is a special art and, as with all the arts, a lot of inspiration is needed to create real fashion masterpieces from the existing garments. Below you can see our favorite in this category. PendariFashion's bestseller - the "Lolita" tulle skirt will never go unnoticed. But that's not the end of this fashion story. Keep scrolling to discover colorful and more artful pieces and fashion ideas. Life is colorful and super attractive with us.

How black is black enough?

Fancy Lolita bohemian style 

On the contrary to the drama look are the colorful neon colors and the creative color mix. Here you can see how a Barbie tutu in fabulous purple with different tops, shoes and accessories can be worn. According to our fashion expert, the medium look is usually intriguing, giving every woman graceful tenderness and femininity. Girlish and romantic, this outfit is perfect for a fun afternoon with your partner, visiting your favorite cafe together, snacking on something sweet (as well as your look) and then going to the theater or concert. Instead of the purple shoes, we would also like to take the mintgreen version and add a necklace in the same color: authentic and stunning - that's what you look like now.

A tulle skirt - three trendy looks 

boho dress purple skirt golden bag purple shoes or mint green heeled sandals white blouse

What we did not write down before ... Bohemian style is in fact associated with all sorts of art figures and an authentic way of life. It is about people with free spirit, artistic talent and cheerful attitude. But the words are not enough to describe such a personality and it is madness to talk about the whole flow in general. In any case, the clothes are a way for most artists to express themselves - the views of life or the current mood. Let yourself be inspired and keep looking in the diverse gallery that we have exhibited. Have fun and be extravagant and eye-catching for the next special event!

Which variant is closest to your own style?

ballet dress in different colors blue skirt with yellow shoes white with red or pink black with beige and others

An enchanting look in black - now you play the main role of the evening

bohemian style black tutu with cool top drama look in black classic class modern beautiful hairstyle

Another chic dress with V-shaped neckline - the little black dress is a must in every lady's wardrobe

boho style little black dress style and class at an official event events with style visit

Outfit in black and white - stylish look when walking in Paris

Tutu skirt black white outfit necklace in black color beautiful shoes sandals to wear a trendy look in Paris

Fancy look in subtle colors 

bohemian chic the smile is always fashionable fashion according to the mood beautiful color combination discreet outfit feminine and cool

Bohemian style for mom and dear daughter

bohemian style idea for mom and the little daughter dress up similar pink skirt denim shirt sneaker mural gray wall

The ultimate look for summer evenings - blue ballet tutu and "mermaid" bag

boho sandals modern boho style blue skirt white top silver sandals trendy model

This outfit is also adapted to fall - only a leather jacket and new bag are needed

boho style ideas mint green or blue high heel shoes comfortable for the city pink jacket glasses lady

You think the tutu is a trend today - then you have not seen enough movies from the 50's and 90's

ballet jersey mint green or white with which outfit you like carrie better movie inspired looks

Three beautiful extravagant visions 

tutu skirt ladies white skirt ideas how to combine light skirts with dark tops and accessories

Tutu is also worn in everyday life - a rebellious look with black skirt, leather jacket and glasses - the Valentino high heel shoes are the real eye-catcher 

boho chic trendy outfit in predominantly black long hair waves redheaded woman black bag valentino shoes tutu blouse

Bohemian Chic - Mix with the teenage trends - do not hesitate to experiment

bohemian chic trendy looks looks alike next year black boots and leather jacket with a skirt made of fine tulle

Delicacy and style in the everyday business casual look of a modern woman

style ladies beautiful ideas for trendy look in the city in 2018 beige stiletto shoes stylish

A cool outfit for teens - ready for school or college 

bohemian style in gray city autumn outfit in gray and black comfortable shoes cheerful woman model

The purple tutu brings color and fresh look of this look - so you look like a fairytale flower fairy

boho style purple skirt white blouse beautiful photos woman big black glasses sunglasses heeled shoes

Colorful outfits for modern urban girls 

boho look ideas three fancy combinations outfits to fascinate blue white red black pink all colors

Creative style combinations

Tutu skirt in different outfit outfits ideas to wear with stylish eye catching ideas

boho dress long floor length gray skirt jeans heel shoes sneaker flashy ideas

Comfort, style and class at once

boho jacket over the dress wear black ballet dresses or beige what do you prefer

Are you as passionate about fashion as Carrie Bradshaw?

boho chic by carrie bradshaw sarah jessica parker green tutu white rock movie actress style

Bohemian style to fascinate

bohemian style ideas for styling tutu skirt with basic blouse and black accessories hat bag shoes

bohemian style skirt model black small bag shoulder bag heeled sandals round glasses blonde hair photo on the street

The contrasts always lead to striking results

bohemian style idea yellow skirt black leather jacket white blouse tied hair blonde hair black shoes

Stop! Stop to enjoy this charming bohemian outfit and borrow ideas

bohemian style dress up beautiful style mint green skirt blazer in black white t-shirt with inscriptions STOP STREET

One and the same tutu in different colors and color combinations

boho style ideas for tutu skirt in different colors tutu wear fashion trends 2018 white high heel shoes

boho style red tutu skirt ideas to style white shoes high heel shoes black blouse combinations

The Leo print bag is a must in the wardrobe, as is the tutu, and together they make an exclusive fashion combination 

boho style ideas denim shirt leoprint bag idea long hair with subtle curls white tutu in summer wear

With a predominantly white outfit, glasses and hairstyle with bangs, you feel like a fashion star in the streets of Paris or New York  

boho style ideas white skirt with black white blouse retro glasses and heeled sandals nice and fine

A romantic look in blue for the pleasant autumn days

boho chic blue outfit for the nice autumn days black boots hat bag sweater skirt photo

The gray color shows modesty and the neon colors, combined with the big chain show you as self-confident - the whole outfit is a fashion dream - suitable for everyday life, but also for a special occasion

boho chic ideas gray outfit discreet but combined with awesome accessories neon colored clutch bag and neon sneaker shoes

boho chic sky blue skirt picture on the road model ombre blond hairstyle blue white and silver mix outfit idea

Romantic bohemian style

boho chic fine style romantic outfit in white and pink white tutu pink shoes and blouse bouquet of roses necklace

The YSL bag fits all clothes, but with a tutu she is a real eye-catcher

boho dress elegant woman beautiful combination contrast black white pink ysl bag bag shoes black white blouse pink skirt white retro glasses

The little ones are also happy to keep up with fashion

boho dress two little princesses models girls tutu wear fashion for children 2018 ideas

Every little girl should feel like a princess in her own fairytale

wearing ballet jersey at home when that makes fun cinderella inspiration gray tutu princess

Romantic and stylish - business casual look for elegant ladies

ballet jersey in the business look insert beautiful idea feminine lady ballerinas shoes blue shirt beautiful woman with long blond hair

boho dress or skirt what do you want mint green skirt in combination with black accessories black white bag white chain

Drama Look - eye-catching, trendy, cheeky

boho dress or skirt drama look dark black skirt black jacket boots blonde hair glasses

Ballet jersey idea for a drama look in black lace blouse shiny bag sandals black

Accent on the contrasts

ballet jersey tulle skirt in white with modern accessories and shirt combine red bag glasses big chain cool look

ballet jersey in dark blue color white shirt black heel shoes flower wreath for the head

Floor-length tutu looks so beautiful!

Tutu buy long skirt in gray color Beautiful and girlish style idea Black top wall model

A living Barbie

Tutu buy and carry children model girl blond pink flowers plant vase motifs

buy tutu and proudly wear white gray with stones or champagne which color would you choose

buy tutu and many photos with different looks make gray beige beautiful idea tutus

Purple - the "royal color" with multiple meanings

Tutu buy purple outfit beautiful idea sandals hair curly fashion sweater skirt necklace necklace with pendant

Ballet tutu with T-shirt 

Tutu buy long black tutu skirt with open part fashion trends fashion idea blonde hair look wild

Tutu skirt ladies black skirt and gray blouse with a crass yellow bag combine beautiful contrasts

So wear the tutu trendy and cool with a leather jacket

boho jacket leather jacket with subtle pink tulle skirt combine drama make up dark lipstick

boho jacket black outfit leather jacket lace blouse tulle skirt sandals idea braid hair blonde

tutu skirt ladies pink tutu black leather jacket bag new york photo on the road in winter snow snowfall

tutu skirt ladies how do i really combine a ballet skirt with other fashion ideas

The fancy fashion in Berlin

ballet dress in light pink color rosahaare short hair style ideas bag and shoes with snake motifs

ballet dress idea gray beige black bow for the neck with mint green deco element glasses lipstick

ballet dress or tulle skirt with style wear beautiful idea in dark green and black combine with bright shoes

ballet dress tulle skirt black and white outfit ideas for the little girl's hair tie

ballet dress four cool looks trendy women show their unique style ideas red bag

Authentic style 

Tutu skirt with sporty shirt combination unique beautiful idea the red heel shoes are a must in every wardrobe

Cyclamen Tutu - if you are not afraid to be noticed by all

tutu skirt cyclamen trendy color combination bag glasses chain heeled glasses glasses hair tied

Tutu skirt gray outfit can also look quite trendy and eye-catching beautiful model sandals tied hair

Tutu skirt in black color combined with lace blouse and black shoes and pony hairstyle

bohemian chic long skirt in purple white top small bag of curly hair sandals beautiful woman model

style ladies in every age mum and daughter make a photo session together the same outfit

boho look with a black tulle skirt and fancy boots in silver color with stamps

The attractive "wild" look is one of our favorites 

style ladies wilder look trendy idea in 2018 beautiful woman black white look outfit ideas

boho dress long ideas to imitate discreet color calf skirt combination with beige heels

boho style idea for a festive look to christmas green skirt and black blouse with black elegant shoes

boho dress long an idea: pink floor-length skirt with white top fee or woman's fine look

dress boho style subtle look in pink-gray nuances flower in the left hand blond woman

bohemian chic trendy idea in black the most stylish color dark but class elegant lady beautiful hairstyle

boho style black white outfit for women with style ideas to create your own look

boho dress long floor-length skirt or dress lace elements very fine and beautiful feminine style discreet and trendy

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