Christmas nails – 56 brilliant ideas

At the beginning of October, we slowly begin to feel the Christmas spirit. In the shops there are the first winter goods and gift ideas, the weather is not so sunny and the rain is soon replaced by snow. You must not despair! Not a bad mood, because Christmas and New Year's Eve are coming soon and they bring only joy and beauty with them.

You can keep the positive mood by diving into the festive atmosphere. How does that happen? Try the following activities:

  • Planning holidays
  • Buy the first gifts for the loved ones
  • Choose gifts for yourself
  • Gather outfits and ideas to your festive look

Give all gifts with style and love

christmas nails ideas design gift small box with bow gift idea christmas

There is hardly a person who does not like to be pampered. In this sense, we mean massages and other wellness or beauty procedures, such as making manicures in a beauty salon. Namely on this topic we put the accent in this article. Why? Because the beautiful and neat nails prepare joy on the one hand the woman who wears them, on the other hand they fascinate the male sex. There is also manicure for men. Although it does not look as attractive and colorful as it does with women, it does indicate that the man has self-respect and takes care of himself. Let us think logically together - we use our hands for every single little thing we do in everyday life. If they look good, it definitely contributes to their own and the strangely positive mood.

Make Christmas nails in the beauty salon - a real pleasure

Christmas nails painted in red manicure make red nail polish stones nail bags

Our team wishes to bring you a new dose of inspiration. We can do that by presenting 56 picture ideas for Christmas nails in this article. In addition, our team has also selected simple but effective YouTube tutorials and tips on the topic of "make festive manicure itself" for you. If you want to do the nail design even more professional, then you can also read our article. Here we have explained precisely how you can make gel nails yourself. Whether you paint your natural nails or your gel nails, the two variants allow incredibly beautiful designs. You can paint nail designs with stones, decorations painted with thin brush, pointed nails, short nails, etc., as you unleash your imagination. Let yourself be inspired!

Christmas nails that give pleasure with every look

christmas nails-great-design-ideas-to-make-green-red-and-white-gold-deco

Ombre christmas nails with Advent wreath decoration - unique idea, not true!

christmas nails design idea nail design for christmas red green wreath deco ombre nails

Subdued manicure in cold colors that are charming

christmas nails in decent katen colors purple pink gray white stars deco elegant nails

All kinds of decorations are suitable for your great manicures - stars above all

nail design stars to decorate colorful stars green purple blue white all colors deco

Paint Christmas nails with Rudolf himself - simply and beautifully thanks to this manual:


Decorate the Christmas nails with the following decorative elements - all you need is good nail glue

nail design ideas red nail design santa claus christmas tree snowman

The colorful colors prepare good mood with or without occasion

nail design christmas colorful colors paint all the colors of the world on the nails

10 nail design ideas - paint beautiful manicure yourself


The Christmas nails as a DIY project - you just need colorful beads and red nail polish

nail design christmas red nails beads for decorating ring golden manicure

nail design christmas red manicure design beads ideas to design nail

Unique idea for short Christmas nails! All children and adults will admire their nails 

nail design christmas penguins black white manicure orange paws manicure

You do not need to master painting when there are nail stickers and stones to decorate

nail design christmas red white nail design ideas to make a great manicure

Funny Christmas Nails - Designs to Amaze

nails christmas green red white snow fir joy beautiful motives lollipop manicure

French manicure with red nail polish and snowflake motifs

nails christmas great idea red nails french manicure snowflakes motifs white

This nail design with stones in white is suitable for any festive look 

christmas nails for every occasion matching engagement ring for christmas

If you can paint accurately, then we recommend such a festive manicure

Christmas nails black red white beautiful decorations paint elk heart dots

Christmas nails decorated with a fir tree made of stones

nails christmas red nails to any festive green decoration christmas tree zoya

Know the stamps for manicure - so you can make beautiful snowflakes

christmas nails design ideas silver decorated with snowflakes blue silver manicure

Elegant Christmas nails, complemented by a festive ring - all for shiny hands

christmas nails big ring christmas red golden festive manicure idea

Paint the winter nights on the nails

christmas nails blue nail design stars golden decoration glitter snow

This simple design with glitter goes perfectly with Christmas and New Year's Eve - realize this idea yourself

nails christmas dark base glitter manicure to the wintry firm

The golden lace nails radiate class 

gel nails christmas golden nail polish tip nails idea photo jeans manicure















Party manicure for short nails to the winter festivals

gel nails christmas short nails nail design party white manicure green decoration

nail art christmas short nails schän design light green color dotted with white lollipop decoration

nail art christmas red nails golden glitter motifs nail art design inspirational

Christmas gel nails decorated with pearls

Nailart Christmas long nails in sky blue painted with snowflakes designs sweater

Lollipop Motif Manicure 

winternägel design idea nails how lollipops design your own red and white intertwine

Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, an Advent wreath and some stars - the most important elements of Christmas

winter nails design ideas the santa claus on the nails stroking star deco

Manicure with matte colors for Christmas

winter nativity decorations on a red background heart decoration white nails snowman

Christmas nails in blue and silver

winter nails design idea dark blue manicure with silver elements christmas

Pointy nails - a festive idea

nail design winter red yellow green white nail decorated with colorful stones glitter ideas

Glittering nail designs 

nail design winter the simple glitter manicure wintry design with snowflakes decoration

Elegant nail design with stones

nails winter elegant design in white red and black golden decorations

An idea with subtle pastel colors 

gel nails winter nice decent design beige blue purple white decorations varnish

Creative wintry design of red pointed nails

gel nails winter red lace nails with funny decorations of cinnamon biscuits and moose paint

Short Christmas nails in black - the imagination knows no bounds

gel nails winter black manicure short nails with subtle decorations christmas tree

Nail set - the best gift for every girl and woman - surprise a dear friend or relative

winter nail design idea best gift for any woman nail bags nail set care

Another beautiful gift idea is a coupon for cosmetics studio visit

winter nail design nail care at any time of the year healthy nails beautiful hand

Christmas nails - a few more ideas

winter nail design beige nails wintry hat red white and green beautiful deco

winter nail design ideas nails in red white green dotted nails decoration manicure

Christmas nails Christmas green Christmas trees decorated on the nails stars

winter nail design long nails red nails with white decorations rings wear nicely

Nails like little presents 

winter nails to christmas design ideas purple gift design on the nails

wintry nails dark red nail designs with glitter and golden decorations

nail design ideas red base paint with white decorations sticker on nails

Funny designs for Christmas nails

winter nails nail design with white tips french manicure cat deco

wintry nails glitter colorful motifs yellow nail polish beautiful nails colorful designs

nail design stars christmas tree decorations on black nails blue glitter decoration

nail design star red and white manicure tips with color french nails lollipop

nail design with christmas balls decorations white nails red and green decorated

Glitter, glitter and glitter again for shiny parties

nail design stars colorful sparkly decorations on black nail polish decoration

nail design stars gel nails dark blue with white snowflakes as decoration ideas

nail design stars white nails nail design pearl paint in cream golden decoration

A modern, confident woman takes good care of your face, body, hair and nails 

nail design stars red nails red lips ideas always trendy red nails model


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