Cleopatra make-up – tips and tricks for eternal beauty

Cleopatra - the last queen of the Egyptian empire and not by chance the lover of the most powerful men in the world in her time - Caesar and Marc Antony. On the one hand, she was a beautiful woman who considered herself goddess and had such a charisma. On the other hand, she was especially smart - she knew several languages, understood math, philosophy, etc. The combination of these qualities, complemented by the many beauty procedures she is still known for, have made her grace known throughout the world.

Cleopatra make-up in 3 steps

cleopatra make-up tips and tricks from the experts how to make up fancy

The pharaoh is an example of how a woman can be particularly successful. For this purpose she made every effort. And of course, as any self-confident and respectful woman, she made sure to always look fit and beautiful, as one would expect from a queen. Today, both her milk baths as proverbial, as well as the typical make-up design with a long thick eyeliner for underlining and optical enlargement of the eyes.

Cleopatra Make Up - get the idea started

cleopatra make-up tips for a charming look artificial eyelashes

Since the beginning of the world we women are always looking for new ways to make us more chic. This rule was still valid at the time of Cleopatra, and more than 2000 years later, this trend has become a billion dollar business. The cosmetics and beauty industry has been booming in recent years. The new tendencies appear incessantly one after the other. The role models of the former famous women, however, remain constant - Cleopatra is in this sense one of the first such famous and inspiring women who are still being imitated.

Halloween party look with a charming effect

cleopatra make-up look chic with purple lipstick golden headdress

On special occasions or simply to look cool in everyday life, many women make up their own designs according to the well-known pattern of the last queen of Egypt. Not only is there a variant, but the well-known make-up can be varied in many different ways, so that the look achieved is done. Whether for a carnival, for Halloween, for a party or just everyday make-up in Cleopatra style - the make-up should be selected appropriately. Of course, how you create this look also depends on how cheeky the woman is and how much she wants to be noticed for her make-up.

The eternal beauty secrets 

Cleopatra make up preparation mask the skin make beautiful honey mask

Before you begin with Cleopatra make-up, you should first take care of the healthy and shiny skin. It is the main requirement for beautiful make-up design. We would also like to help you in this aspect and for this purpose you will find here the favorite mask of Cleopatra for face. It is based on honey and completely natural products, since at the time of Pharaoh no artificial substances existed.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon organic almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

Preparation: Mix everything together and apply to clean, dry face. Leave the mask on the face for 10-15 minutes and then remove with warm water. It has a nurturing and refreshing effect. Try it and enjoy the results.

The Cleopatra look still includes great jewelry and elegant clothing

cleopatra make-up long white dress elegant and comfortable golden jewelry

Below you will find a great video tutorial on how to put on make-up like Cleopatra yourself. By and large, you need the following products for this type of make-up:

  1. Concealer and primer to create a velvety skin with a uniform complexion
  2. Rouge to underline the cheekbones
  3. Eyebrow brush
  4. Eyeliner in black
  5. Optional - Eyeliner in a different color (for example blue, yellow, white or something else)
  6. lipstick

Cleopatra make-up only with high-quality make-up products

Cleopatra make-up rouge powder concealer mascara mirror great primer

Make up the cat's eyes of the Egyptian queen herself

make-up kleopatra ten pictures of lipstick lipstick mascara eyeshadow

The complete Cleopatra look, however, also includes several other elements. The make-up closest to the hairstyle - smooth, shiny black hair, shoulder length and pony. Cleopatra is often portrayed on pictures, portraits and papyrus with headdresses - so add one to your outfit, you will give your hairstyle an extra dose of attractiveness. Great golden necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry are also part of the idea that we have today of Cleopatra. In the clothing you can see a variety of variants, but above all you come across pictures with subtle and stylish dresses in white.

Rihanna takes example from Cleopatra 

make-up kleopatra look by rihanna long white dress chic hairstyle ideas

Golden accents on the accessories - inspiration from antiquity

make-up kleopatra short dress with golden elements great outfit inspiration

Like Cleopatra make-up and dress up like the Pharaoh you would only for an extraordinary party or Halloween. Otherwise, every woman can borrow ideas from their look and combine them with a modern outfit and trendy jewelry. As a result, an exotic mix is ​​created that combines fashion, tradition and luxury. If you appear in this style at a party, make sure that you do not go unnoticed. Do not forget to demonstrate the appropriate safety and always keep your back straight. All others present will perceive you as a true embodiment of Cleopatra or even of an ancient goddess. Try and make sure of it!

A modern Cleopatra make-up - style and charisma, which always remain attractive 

make up kleopatra great ideas the modern version of cleopatra look black

Cleopatra or a Rock Star? - Mix the styles

cleopatra make up ideas outfits to inspire cleopatra rock star leather jacket

Kim Kardashian shines like a pharaoh in the golden dress on the red carpet

cleopatra make up by kim kardashian great look golden outfit the style of the stars

Do you know these bendable pieces of jewelery - they give every woman an exotic look and can be beautifully combined with smokey make up

cleopatra make up cat's eyes make-up and combine with great jewelry

Cleopatra make-up and complement the look by fancy jewelry

Cleopatra Make Up Subtle Variation Red Lipstick Grand Chain Eyeshadow

Unique necklace made of small beads with interwoven scarabs 

cleopatra make up is a great way to combine pearls with large pieces of jewelery

Cleopatra make-up - idea for Halloween party

Cleopatra make up for a Halloween party idea to inspire jewelry make-up

Motifs from Ancient Egypt in the modern look of women

cleopatra costume for a special motivparrty kleopatra would look like this today

Kylie Jenner 

Cleopatra Costume Design Idea by Kylie Jenner Make up thicker line and full lips

Cleopatra Costume Kylie Jenner powder and highlighter for a shiny look

Cat's eyes - typical motifs of make-up

Cleopatra costume ideas for the hair you can stay hidden or with great hairstyle

Make up Cleopatra yourself - tips and instructions

Wild curls and subtle make-up - another way to shape Cleopatra look

Cleopatra costume is complemented by great golden trinkets great idea

Unusual Make Up Ideas

cleopatra costume combination with chic make up ideas to inspire

Cleopatra make-up - grandiose and exotic

cleopatra costumes golden chain as part of the outfits dress beautiful kleopatra hairstyle and make up

pharaoh costume ideas inspiration for a modern kleopatra look idea headdress

Cleopatra costumes yellow golden make-up and trinkets blue eyeshadow

pharaonin costume idea for beautiful headdress and long lid strokes in black

The most famous actresses playing the role of Cleopatra

costume egyptian ideas and inspirations from the movies about cleopatra actresses

costume egypt ideas of angelina jolie actresses who played the role of cleopatra

Anjelina Jolie - a role model for beauty similar to Cleopatra

costume egypt the enchanting angelina jolie plays the role of cleopatra

The Cleopatra make-up with 2 different hairstyles

costume egypt ideas for great make up make up as in ancient egypt golden grand

pharaoh costume idea to inspire actress make up idea golden headdress

Kostym Egypt Precise Make Up Black Eyeshadows Full Lip Headdress Decoration

pharaonin look for a modern woman black dresses and golden jewelry

The role of beautiful gold jewelry to underline make-up 

pharaoh costume idea with golden jewelry many golden decorations red lips

cleopatra costumes inspiring decorative stones and pearls to decorate the outfit

Katy Perry

pharaonin look of katy perry idea with red lipstick and big necklace

pharaonin ideas and look of five different women katy perry kylie jenner

pharaoh costume idea in golden color blue and golden ideas shiny look

Her Majesty the young Queen Cleopatra - ready for the best Halloween party in the world

pharaoh costume for the little one halloween party preparing beautiful costumes

pharaonin image on a papyrus the imagination of the ancient egypt of kleopatra

Let yourself be inspired!

cleopatra make-up ideas

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