Colorful hair: bright rainbow, delicate pastel – or slightly interlocking colors – the decision you make!

Colorful hair are not only up to date in summer. They look attractive and can be used to conjure up unique hairstyles. On the eve of Christmas and New Year we give you some ideas for cool hairstyling for women who like to experiment with hair colors.

Colorful hair is often worn by women and girls who live in a fairytale world, are optimistic and look at everything from the positive side. It can not be denied that these girls and women have a flourishing imagination and an independent but open character. Over Christmas and New Year, on a specific occasion or simply in their everyday life, they give expression to their impudence and the breadth of their views.

Colorful hair

long colorful hair - big loose braid, hair with a lot of volume, hair with dark blue neck, purple lengths and green strands, braiding for very long hair, girl with Halstattoo with floral motif, light pink women's blouse made of semitransparent fabric, black top with thick straps

Age does not necessarily affect the taste of clothes, make-up or hair color in all cases. Both many young and many older women have their hair dyed in untraditional colors. Some even combine many different hair colors - green with orange, blue and pink, blond with pink and indigo blue, ash blond with ponken tips - the combinations are inexhaustible.

Braid hairstyle for colored hair

colorful hair braiding - rainbow hair with herringbone braid, casual slightly wavy hair, hair with a dark neck and colored strands, girl with a thin neck and white skin standing in front of a green wall

Thick or thin strands in colorful hair colors, neck, lengths and laces in various bright colors, small vertical strokes in pastel colors or rainbow colors running into each other - all these are cool ideas for colored hair. Take a look at the pictures in our gallery and let it inspire you for your next hair color change. Bring a touch of summer mood into the cold winter days!

Gray colored hair with inner colorful strands

gray colored hair with colorful strands in six colors, hair with bright colors - blue strands with purple color shading, gray hair with turquoise strands and yellow tips, colorful strands on the inside of the hair, medium-length slightly wavy hair with a casual look

Colorful hair with chalk: Coloring your hair in several colors is a difficult task. For this you need the help of a friend with skillful hands. For even better final results go to the hairdresser. If you have no patience and want your hair immediately colorful, we reveal the secret - hair chalk.

If you follow the steps in our guide, you can create a magical look in minutes. It can not be easier!


  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Plastic or rubber gloves
  • water
  • Hair clippings in desired colors
  • lacquer

How are you:

  • Comb your hair well. There must be no nodules.
  • Put on the gloves to protect your fingers and nails from the colors.
  • Choose a hair crest in a desired color and take a strand that you moisten well with water. Take the hair crayon and paint it with the moistened strand by applying the hair weft from top to bottom. Repeat this many times until you reach the desired intensity of color.
  • Apply a bit of hair lacquer to all your hair. Finished!

Here is a video tutorial on the topic:

Rainbow Dutt

Dutt hairstyle for rainbow-colored hair, Dutt for medium-length hair - front and side strands pulled slightly backwards, brown hair with orange side strands, small side braided plaited with a green, a turquoise blue and a yellow strand, Dutt fasten with hair clip

Rainbow dyed hair with a loose braid

shiny straight hair in bright rainbow colors, braided to the back, loosely plaited braid, black women's blouse with long sleeves, light gray wall with plastic wallpaper

Dye hair in pastel colors

Romantic and girlish look - multicolored hair tied in a half-bun

beautiful long hair with curly lace, upper half of the hair tied in a loose half bun, hair of many colors, hair in half bun tie

Simply spectacular

rainbow hair with glossy reflections, dark blue neckline, inside dyed in turquoise blue, top dyed in pink, yellow and green lace, big curls at the tips, outfit - black blouse and checkered skirt

Casual look

fairytale casual look - free-falling slightly wavy pastel hair, thin free-falling strands

Nice and colorful

long hair with thick strands of different bright colors, hair with side braids and free-falling forelegs, hair braiding in an ordinary plait, turquoise blue eyeshadow and black mascara, a picture from top to bottom

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair

Photo collage of three pictures - beautiful hairstyles for long hair, dyed in many different colors, French braid - pink hair with blue and yellow strands, herringbone head - hair with thick pink and blue strands, French braid for rainbow hair

Galaxy Hair

Galaxy Hair is the new trend, hair in the colors of the universe, ash blonde with green reflections, dark purple and blue lengths, wallpaper with universe pattern, dark colored hair in the Galaxy colors, wallpapers with space print

gray-colored hair with blue reflections and red-orange tips, medium-length hair in two colors - gray-blue with peach tips

Outside blond, inside colorful

Outside blond, inside colorful, under approach with ash-blonde lengths and rainbow-tips, picture with black background

Dutch braid on the side of the head

medium-length hair with a Dutch Braid on the side of the head, loosely braided Dutch braid, hair with golden hair jewelry

Intertwined colors

Hair with interlacing colors, indigo blue in purple, purple runs in pink, pink runs in yellow, yellow runs in green, green runs in turquoise color, turquoise green runs in dark blue

Medium length pastel hair, stuck in half a bun with many hairpins, halfdutt of many thin strands, black blouse off shoulder

Pastel hair with two butts

long pastel hair with many small pigtails, tied in two Seitendutts high on the head, two Schneckendutts from three pigtails, cute white blouse with bar ice print and sleeves to the elbow

green hair with purple strands, hair with large curls, light-purple hair with white reflections and wavy tips, a woman with her hands behind her head and a ring on each finger

Teenage girl with long curly hair in three colors - pink neckline with long strands and yellow lace that are slightly curly, wearing a black skull-print T-shirt and a black chocker, her eyes painted pink

Hair in four colors with two Dutch pigtails on the side, two Dutch side pegs, hairstyle with center of the head, hair braiding with a red and a black band, a faded floral print blouse, chest straps with crossed straps

medium-length hair in rainbow colors with loose half-bun, medium-length hair with half bun, hair with half-bun, doorknobs for medium-long hair with free-falling side strands

pink hair with blue lengths and slightly green tips with a hair stick curls, hairstyle for long hair, white top cropped with long sleeves, combined with black pants

Green hair with thick ash strands

Bob hairstyle for medium straight hair - ash blond with green tips, green hair with a ash top, Halstattoo with bird motif

light blond hair dyed in pastel colors, pastel hair braids, braids for pastel hair, two Dutch side braids, picture with gray-green background

Barbie Look

Barbie look - long curly hair, dyed in different nuances of purple, approach with blue color, purple lengths with light pink reflections, cat's eyes with black eyeliner make up, thick lips with pink lipstick, dense thin plucked eyebrows

Indigo blue hair with purple highlights

blue hair - indigo hair with purple highlights, half bun with dense side pony, medium-length smoothed hair, black painted eyes, black North Face jacket for women, a young girl with lip piercing on the lower lip sitting in a car

Turquoise blue hair with curls

medium-length turquoise blue hair with curly strands, turquoise blue dye, yellow sweater with thin black stripes, yellow sweater with striped pattern

Photo collage of four images - blue hair, hairstyles for different lengths of hair, blauses hair with herringbone braid of purple and white strands, mid-length bob

slightly wavy colored hair - dark blue hair with purple highlights, blue hair with green highlights, medium thick hair, wall with plastic panels

Girl with white skin, light green almost gray eyes, underlined with black eye pencil, thin plucked eyebrows and pink lips, hair with a pink neckline, blue lengths and green reflections, black emo t-shirt with colorful skull motifs

medium length hair with different nuances of blue, black neck and purple highlights at the tips, young girl white skin and strong makeup - cat's eye with black eyeliner, dark purple lipstick and black make-up eyebrows, woman with thick lips, big nose with piercing, big eyes and thick long black eyebrows

Asian woman with silicone lapp, painted with pink lip gloss, white face powder and blue eyeshadow, white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, white eye pencil on the lower eyelid and black eye pencil under the lower lashes, she has blue hair with turquoise and black strands and purple lace

Hair in intermeshing pastel colors, long curly hair, dyed in different colors, green-yellow make-up, black shirt with short sleeves and white pearl mother buttons

thick green and dark blue strands, blue lengths with white reflections, half bun with silver hair accessories attach, hair with large curls

short light indigo hair with a casual look, side pony with light blue reflections, big blue eyes, girl with white skin and pretty face with sparse eyebrows, white teeth and pink painted lips, with blue off-the-shoulder blouse with white dots, blouse with space print

Real long purple hair with blue tips, hairstyle with two Dutch pigtails on the side of the head, tied with two black ribbons, gray sweater with white threads

Purple hair

Bob hairstyle for medium-long straight hair, dyed in purple, medium-length hair with almost black neck and purple lengths, gray top with thick straps, chest straps with black straps

long shiny purple hair with a black base and light lilac lengths with deep purple reflections, pink-blue make-up combined with black eyeliner for cat look, full lips painted with brown lipstick, pink blouse with black letters, eyes closed

dark neckline with purple curls with long curls, purple hair with big curls, woman with white sweater with black stripes in a parking lot, two cars in front of her, a white and a black car

light purple almost white hair with blue reflections, purple eyeliner combined with blue eyeshadow, lipstick in cold purple, blue-lilac ombre-lips

four pictures of four girls with hair in different purple shades with different color shades and shades of color

Violet hair

young Asian girl with long slightly wavy hair with fringe, hairstyle with straight pon for long wavy hair, plush sweater with black and white stripes, necklace and earrings made of pearls

Black with violet side strands - gothic look

Gothic look - black hair with violet side strands with large curls, strong violet-white make-up - eyeshadow in two colors, black eyeliner and huge artificial eyelashes, side strands stuck after two black hairpins, black ring in the shape of a butterfly

Pastel hair with two loose side bites, vertex drawn in the middle, small butterfly tattoo under the left ear

long pastel hair with vertical and horizontal strands, halfdutt with Dutch plait, white tulle blouse with lace

Pink lace

dark brown neckline with blond lengths and pink tips, beautiful bright eyes, elongated face with triangle shape, white lace blouse with floral motif

Peach pink in combination with gray

Peach hair in combination with thick gray strands, hair dyed gray, light hair with peach shading

blond hair with pink tips, woman with thick lips with pink lipstick and pink lipstick, nose piercing made of gold, white top, long nails with black and white nail polish

blonde hair with pink lace and purple highlights, round sunglasses with leopard frame, sunglasses on the head, wearing sunglasses in your hair

curly hair with side pony, hair with hairpins stuck high, purple neckline with pink strands and peach-pink lenght, shoulder-bustle floral motif

Cool idea for a New Year's Eve hairstyle

medium-length hair with center of the head, pink hair with two butts worn high on the head, sponge with hair sponge, pink hair with glitter hairspray, closed eyes with pink shadows

original hairstyle for short hair - left shaved, right longer and slightly wavy, shaving hairstyles for women

rainbow colors, green almond shaped eyes, gray t-shirt with black collar

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