Cool wallpapers: Even the eye should be happy!

Are you bored of the monochrome wallpaper on your computer, smartphone, or chat window? You want something more playful? Here are 35 ideas for you cool wallpapers. The eye should be happy too!

Cool wallpapers

Cool wallpapers, abstract image, balloons, spirals, flowing colors

Depending on what kind of person you are and what you are interested in, you can easily and quickly choose the most suitable background for your computer or smartphone. An advantage of choosing the background images is that an image can often be found in different colors or shades. So it is found once in green, then, for example. in purple-red nuances. That You can enjoy the different variations of your favorite wallpaper over several months. You can also choose different cool wallpapers every day. It's that easy to change the computer, smartphone or chat background!

Cool wallpapers for dreamers

cool wallpapers, abstract image, spirals, purple and blue tree blossoms

Keep in mind though, that images have an impact on perceptions and mood. If you like to chat with friends and spend a lot of time on the phone, choose a background for the chat window, which is easy on the eyes and has a relaxing effect on you, such as: Pictures of water sources, flower meadows, beautiful landscapes or animals. These representations give most people the feeling of inner peace.

The modern computers offer the option to customize the font color of the desktop icons: i. if you choose a dark background image, you can change the font of the desktop icons to white. And vice versa: if you prefer a bright background image, the font color can be changed to black. This is how the two colors contrast and the font of the desktop icons is always legible.

Abstract background

abstract drawing in two colors, black and blue, movement mechanism

A great idea for background image are the sayings, which are loaded with a deep meaning. You can find such examples here. Take a look at the other pictures in our gallery and get fresh ideas for cool wallpapers!

For sunny days or if you miss the summer

Summer, sea, tall palm trees with green crowns, blue-white sky

soap balloons

a picture of soap balloons, soap bubbles, children games, rays of light

For the anime fans

beautiful girl with floral headdress, blue eyes, black dress

"Pact of the Yokai"

a boy with red cheeks, green book, giant animal, albino animal, albino wolf

Animated pictures

a castle from a fairytale, mountains with snowy peaks, mushrooms

Optical illusion

optical illusion, clouds, New York, New York City, tiles, stones

Are you a Avatar Fan?

animated wallpaper, famous avatar scene, bright flowers

animated picture, plant motifs, leaves, drops, bubbles, white dots

dark colors, blue nuances, white dots, leaf motifs, fairytale

The world of nature

Desert cats, Felis margarita, cute cats with brown fur, sand

three cute monkeys sit quietly on a branch, hanging tail, black eyes

Bird with blue and brown feathers, yellow head, orange breast

five little birds with colorful feathers, orange faces, white beaks

Harfian Herdi A Rais pictures, three little frogs hanging on a branch

Photographer: Harfian Herdi A Rais

The scenic diversity

Rock formations, desert, red rocks, yellow rocks, light blue sky

green island, city view, huge castle on a hilltop, blue background

a huge cherry tree and a small house underneath, a wife and two children

beautiful seascape, green water, dark sky, airplane traces

The beauties of nature

Rocks with waterfall, green trees, moss, animals, ungulates, brown horses

exotic place next to the ocean, beach with palm trees and big rocks

Madeira Island

a beautiful picture of Madeira island, a woman standing on the edge of a rock

Botanical Garden Madeira

Madeira Botanical Garden, travel plan, the island of eternal spring

a beautiful place with a lake in turquoise blue color

Mountain house with breathtaking views, pointed mountains, sunbeams

an ocean wave with white crest, black clouds, cliffs

Street art with flowers, big trees, mountains, grass, owls with big eyes

a light blue, slightly clouded sky, two boats, heart, sea water

beautiful landscape, sunset, thistle meadow in the mountains

Poppy, poppy, poppy field, take a picture from bottom to top

Surrealistic wallpapers

a surrealist image, a woman dancing with a man, guitar player

surrealistic drawing, huge sea creature, buildings with sharpened roofs

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