Do you want to make indian makeup?

Have you looked at our article about creative tiger makeup? If not, take a look, because there is certainly something inspiring to find!

Now it goes on with our favorite topic, namely: make-up! This time we deal with no tigers or witches :)). We want to give you some creative ideas for Indian make-up report. Do you feel like it?

Indian make-up is much easier than tiger makeup for example. But it looks just as cool! Main motifs are lines, strokes, feathers, points. Brown, light blue, black and white are the most important colors you need. If you are curious to find out what original and simple DIY ideas we have brought together, take a look at the pictures.

Creative Indian make-up for women:

indian-makeup-blue-color-under-the-eyes-a-beautiful-young-woman-very-beautiful-and cool-looking

Indian make-up and Indian hat!


Painted feathers on the face:


Here is an amazing example of Indian make-up:


Black lines under the eyes:

indian-make-up-look for-women-very-interesting-

Indian makeup in bright colors:

indian-make-up-for-my girl-very-nice-in-colorful-bright-colored

Creative makeup for men:

indian-make-up-for-men-who paint-half-of-Face

Super easy to do:


Here is a beautiful Indian girl!


That looks very attractive and besides that is not difficult to do!


Realistically, right? 🙂

indian-makeup-super-realistic look

We would describe this Indian make-up as very professional!


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