Fairy costume ideas for the upcoming carnival

Children like carnivals and costumes. The idea of ​​masquerading is more than exciting and overwhelms even the parents. Not only do they help their children to choose a nice chick, they also choose for themselves. When masking, there is a mystery, you take on a new, unfamiliar figure and feels somehow different. Since children are still pure and completely selfless, they enjoy celebrations like these from the soul. Some adults, who are not prejudiced, immerse themselves immediately and become children for a day. Since that Fairy Costume Among the favorite costumes of little and not so small girls, today we decided to dedicate this contribution to him.

Below are some pictures of it that will hopefully give you lots of ideas for the upcoming carnivals. Have fun!

Fairy costume of two parts

Fairy Costume-two-parts-white-green

This cute kid, dressed in fairy costume, arouses so many positive emotions

waldfee-costume-Fairy Costume Little Girl butterfly green

Effective fairy costume with sharp wings in red

effect full-Fairy Costume Big Girl Red Wing

Elegant fairy costume for little princesses

effect full-waldfee-costume-green-little-girl-Fairy Costume

Without effective wings there would be no fairy costume

Fairy costume and blue-effective decorative Wing

Cozy costume in purple color

fairies-costume-for-little-girls-purple color wing Flowers Bands

An adult tinkerbell 

fairies-costume-wide Girls original idea

A little cute forest fairy fairies-costume-green-little-girl

The costume impatiently awaits its owner

Fairy Costume Little Girl tulle-green-white-band

Let a miracle happen ...

Fairy Costume purple-color tinkerbell costume

A modern fairy in a comfortable fairy costume ... because the fairy has so much to do

Fairy Costume-purple shades-little-girl

fairies-costume-sweet colors Flowers Bands Wing

Fairy Costume-tinkerbell-costume-little-girl-green

fairies-costume-four-parts-blue shades

Another adult successor to Tinkerbell

Woman-effective full-Fairy Costume Coral Color

Every forest fairy has her own unique style

Green Faerie costume Plush decorative Wing little girl

green-waldfee-costume-tulle flirtatious model

Little Fairy Fairies-costume-purple color

Little Girl green fairies costume decorative wings

Tinkerbell has many followers among the little girls

Little Girl coquettish-tinkerbell-costume-green

little girl Beautiful-Fairy Costume Wings

Little Girl tinkerbell costume-sweet and flirtatious

This little forest fairy is not interested in the carnival, she enjoys the rest 🙂

Little Girl waldfee-costume-pink wings

coquettish Princess Costume Little Girl coral color decorative Wing magic stick

Girls Tinkerbell costume-original idea Celebration

Slippers Fairy Children's impressive decoration

princess-costume-blue flowers Decoration decorative Wing shine


princess-costume-ladies-green tulle-Fee

So, an extravagant present fairy must be dressed

princess-costume Ladies red dress-Coquette Wing

The arsenal of a fairy - beautiful dress, wings and magic stick

princess costume pink Decoration decorative wings

Sweet Girl fairy costume feathers Decorative Wings

The young girls are absolutely in love with the Tinkerbell figure. Here are the proofs

Tinkerbell costume-successfully-developed-fairytale

Tinkerbell costume Big Girls flirtatious and sweet

Tinkerbell costume Girl original idea



waldfee-costume-green-little-girl-sweet and flirtatious

This costume is the first choice of the little ones when they masquerade for a carnival

waldfee-costume-green magnificent model gloss magic stick

beautiful coquettish-fairies costume wings

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