Make-up tips for Smokey Eyes Make Up

The make-up gives the face a touch of elegance and femininity. From discreet during the day to glamorous in the evening, the make-up highlights the individual parts of the face with highlights. Some ladies prefer the delicate and natural make-up, others, however, opt for a more expressive look. No matter what type you are, it's worth trying all the options to find your own look.

Amazing Smokey Eyes Make Up

Make-up tips for smokey eyes decent on the day brown color

Each make-up is optimally staged, only when the skin is well-cleaned and moisturized. The basis for a well-groomed skin is basically the mattifying and balancing foundation. It is applied specifically to conceal dark circles and redness. This is how the make-up looks more natural.

If you want a fascinating look, the Smokey Eyes Make-Up is perfect for you. For a long time, the Smokey Eyes have been a make-up trend that once emphasizes the intensity of the eye expression and emphasizes the eyes phenomenally. The basics of Smokey-Eyes we clarify in this post.

Smokey Eyes - an exclusive make-up trend

Smokey Eyes Effect Eyes make-up black eyeshadow

That's how Smokey Eyes succeed

The Smokey Eyes Make-up relies on the intense eye shadow colors, such as the black. You can make smokey eyes with softer shades. No matter what color you choose, the same technique remains. Here are some make-up tips on how to make your makeup look Smokey Eyes.

The amazing effect of this make-up results from the contrast between the white of the eye and the black eyeshadow. The deeper the black tone is placed on the lash line, the thicker the eyelashes look and produce the desired effect. That's why you should draw an eyeliner on the eyelash edge with an eyeliner. If you are using a kohl pencil, gently blend the line with dark eyeshadows. To make the look more expressive, apply the kohl in the inner eyelid as well. The eyelashes should look really tight, so that there is a dramatic picture.

Make-up tips for Smokey Eyes - Apply kohl pencil correctly

Make-up tips for Smokey Eyes kajal apply to the eyelash edges

As for the eyeshadow, you should first apply a white eyeshadow base to the eyelid with a moistened brush. It is primed so that you avoid the color irregularities. Then you can apply the black eyeshadow thin. There should be no hard edges in the makeup. To let the paint fade to the outside, apply the darker eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye and the lighter eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrows. Use a blender brush for the perfect application and soft shading of the colors. With light circular movements you blend the colors on the movable upper lid and on the eyelid fold, so that the colors blend smoothly into each other and the eye looks "smokey".

Make-up tips for Smokey Eyes - black eyeshadows

light eyes accentuate Smokey Eyes make-up brown light shadows

Lush the eyelashes with a volumising mascara shower or glue false eyelashes! Then you have beautifully painted-out eyes.

Smokey eyes for brave women

Make-up tips for Smokey Eyes eyes emphasize black in you

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