Ombre Blond or Balayage – what is better for summer 2017?

Every woman likes to make at least small changes in their own look from time to time. Whether you are one of those who like dramatic contrasts or prefer subtle accents, an Ombre Blond Hairstyle works well with any of us. In addition, this hair trend is still suitable for young ladies, as well as for their mums and grandmas and always looks great!

What we want to recommend in terms of the specifics of creating an effective hair color Blond is that you can color the ombre blond hair best in a hairdressing salon. First of all, for safety's sake, so that damage to the hair structure is avoided. On the other hand, you or a friend of yours can only with difficulty create the great, shiny finish that the experienced hairdressers are capable of.

If you are one of the enthusiasts who would rather get involved with DIY projects then we have selected a useful video for you and presented below:

DIY Ombre Blonde - Instructions for Laymen

It is often difficult to make the difference between Balayage and Ombre. Since the boundaries in the use of the two terms merge quite often, we would like to give a brief overview:

  • Ombre: This is about all the hair. The approaches are usually dark - in the natural color or colored in light, dark brown or, more rarely, in black. This color goes down to the middle of the hair, no matter what length you have. In the middle there is a short intermediate layer, which is considered to be the transition from dark to light and then comes the blonde share - various nuances of the blonde are possible here, as desired and appropriate combination with the upper dark part of the hair.
  • Balayage: The hair is traditionally dark and the tips are dyed with light strands. This variant looks much more natural, as if you were "kissed" by the sun.

Ombre or Balayage - Guess

ombre blond great idea for curly hair red lipstick black dress blond brown model

Below in our picture gallery you can see different designs of the two variants. If you like some of them, you can add them to your albums and then go to the hairdresser with the pictures. That would be a relief for him / her and you both could choose the best variation for your face, skin color and preferences. On the whole, Ombre Blond suits every woman, but some nuances can be refined so that the most beautiful sides of the face are underlined by the hairstyle - e.g. fine cheekbones or big eyes.

The word "Ombre" comes from French and literally means "shading". Namely the shadow effect is this, which leads to the cool effect of the hairstyle. On the one hand, it looks beautiful when you are wearing your hair open - straight or curly. On the other hand, the different hairstyles are even more fascinating thanks to the great contrast between blond and brown / black. This is due to the fact that one likes to "play" with the flowing colors and make stylish designs.

You may also like to try different shades and variations of Ombre hair when coloring or freshening your hair - mild caramel tones, shiny golden highlights or very bright platinum blonde colors. Among the young people who always want to stand out from the crowd, all sorts of Ombre color designs are appropriated. It is not uncommon to meet teenagers with purple, blue or green streaks and / or hair tips on the street. And why not! Especially in the summer, such cheeky decisions are even cooler and super fresh. So you can express your own creativity and freedom of the soul and thoughts.

With a braid the beautiful ombre effect is discreetly and stylishly accentuated

ombre hair blond long hair beautiful fashion hair color and hairstyle brown blonde

Ombre Blond is perfect for hairstyles on special occasions like wedding or prom

brown blond ombre idea for brides wedding hairstyle wedding beautiful decoration for hair

Dark approach, bright tips - the short hair can be so trendy - and need no special care!

ombre hair for short hair gorgeous hairstyle discreet make up everyday and elegant

Gigi Hadid often changes her outfits, but the hair is always in the flowing nuances of the dark and light blonde

ombre hair brown gigi hadid serves as a model for all girls and teenagers with their style

What do the experts say about the trends this year?

How should you put on make-up if you have ombre hair?

ombre blond model with nice hairstyle jeans sneakers leather jacket black glasses cafeAn Ombre hairstyle puts a strong accent on the hair, drawing attention to the face. Consequently, you should ensure that your make-up is always up to date and according to the situation.

On our site you will find several articles with concrete tips for precise make-up. In connection with the Ombre blond hair we would advise again:

  • For the day make-up, you decide for close-to-skin and natural tones. Enough is that you create a fresh look. Use concealer to hide the dark circles under the eyes, as well as the small imperfections on the face such as spots and pimples. Underline the cheekbones with discreet, almost transparent shades of the rouge and for the eyeshadow, we recommend especially to the brown or beige colors. The lipstick may be in a saturated color, but not too strong.
  • With the make-up you can decide with a light hand for crass colors, but do not forget that everything should look harmonious and stylish together. The Ombre hair goes well with smokie-eye make-up and red lipstick. The most important rule here is one - you put the accent on either the eyes or on the lips, but not both at once.

Jessica Alba always appears in style 

Jessica Alba with an ombre blond hairstyle elegant curls orange lipstick great dress chain jewelry

Blonde strand combined with the Ombre hairstyle - unique idea

elegant make-up in discreet colors in combination with balayage ombre blond with light blond strands

A kiss from the sun or masterpiece of the hairdresser / hairdresser

long hair naturally dark brown color with blond strands and spikes more attractive make curling iron curls

Ombre Blond looks more natural than coloring all the hair and is easier to look after

dark tips and light blonde tips great effect blogger beautiful woman beige bag dress with floral motif

Precise fusion of colors - honey blond effect

ombre blond hair of a girl great idea beautiful hairstyle t-shirt with black writings

From caramel brown to platinum blonde 

bright pointed dark haired curly hair with curling iron fixes great hairstyle idea

The shiny hair will continue to be decorated with hair jewelry 

bright points great hairstyle nicely decorated with a dream catching hippie style of hairstyle

Look for a special occasion

ombre hairstyles beautiful woman goes to the party a little black dress ombre hair high heel shoes

Who has more beautiful ombre hair?

ombre medium-long hair hairstyle with braid tied woman and dog nice photo ideas

ombre medium-long hair the dogs as great accessories beautiful little friend

ombre medium-long hair beautiful hair design idea smooth hair hairstyle and clothing combine

Gray-white ombre for the naughtiest women

ombre look long hair gray beginnings pale blond to white pointed braids make themselves

The bound hair is especially comfortable for the summer and they look great with Ombre

ombre can be created with the help of a braid or by tying the hair

tying brown hair with blond tips to create a unique and simple hairstyle

Do not forget that the dyed hair needs special care, so they do not lose their shine

ombre beckons for medium-length hair beautiful hairstyle ideas for fashion frisör

J Lo is one of our favorite fashion icons - she always performs in style

ombre blond the popular hairstyle of jennifer lopez beautiful singer dress

The teenagers of today

ombre blond a modern variant for teenage jeans sneakers hairstyle t-shirt chain

ombre blond hairstyle trendy on the beach shine natural curls jeans clothes

ombre blond hairstyle suitable for any woman long hair blue sweatshirt

4 trendy variants for one and the same ombre hair - they allow so many different looks

blond ombre for smooth short hair beautiful design beautiful woman red lipstick

Wild curls

ombre blond hairstyle for medium-long and short hair effective and beautiful ideas

Natural charisma

blond ombre for short hair green blouse works well with your hair color

Ready for a party

blond ombre idea shiny blouse beautiful design model curls always look great

Ombre Blond fits well as well as smooth, as well as naturally curly hair

blond ombre beautiful hairstyle for women naturally attractively decorate and sculpt

beautiful decoration from own hair make flower blond blonde tipsOmbre Green - would you take such a risk?

Green ombre is fancy and cheeky but looks beautiful great idea beautiful woman

hair ombre mitellange hair in brown with curls and subtle ombre in purple

The hairstyle of last night

brown blond ombre wild hairstyle looks natural and especially attractive long hair

brown blond ombre in bright colors woman with glasses everyday photo natural model

ombre hair blond with beautiful subtle curls red lipstick model woman

blond ombre idea to design beautiful hairstyle for young ladies denim shirt pearl buttons

Ombre or Balayage hairstyle on special occasions

approach dark tips bright beautiful hairstyle fashion with contrasts colors bride bridal hairstyles

The fine curls look more elegant than straight hair - with Ombre the classic hairstyle class awarded 

ombre brown blond long blond hair nice hairdressing class dress black with dots make up

ombre brown beautiful hairstyle with glasses combine and great clothes curling hairstyle

Ombre Blonde for short hair - looks so chic, right!

ombre hair beautiful hairstyle with a combination of colors pink lipstick lipstick

Leo print and ombre hair look a bit super cool as a combination

Approach dark points bright hair style and outfit should fit together great model leoprint bag

Other modern and interesting variations of the ombre look

brown blond ombre beautiful four ideas for hairstyles with ombre blonde hair ombre brown

brown blond ombre ideas beautiful designs in four design options

ombre blond hairstyle for any length jeans curls hairstyles for women ideas design

ombre brown blond four ideas for beautiful women's hair curls with the curling iron

ombre brown ideas for designing six possible designs women with ombre

ombre brown ideas to design ideas blond red chestnut color hair ideas

ombre brown ombre pink blonde and purple different colors look great in teens

ombre hair brown or gray fancy idea for sassy women hat glasses accessories combination

ombre hair hairstyles four design variants brown blond hairdresser good results

hair ombre curls blond hair brown hair glasses seven design ideas

hair ombre tips in different colors unusual ideas for hairstyles model

hair ombre for very short hair beautiful ideas like miley sirus red lips pink chain chocker

approach dark tips brightly beautiful ideas to the design you go with the frisor with these pictures

approach dark tips bright designs in different colors purple blond brown

approach dark tips bright beautiful ideas hair with hat decorating red ombre hairstyle

approach dark tips bright blue hair mitellange hair purple lipstick curls approach dark tips long super long hair with ombre effect great hairstyle green pointy idea

ombre smooth hair or curly hair colorful design glasses unusual ideas for teens

The best hairstyle for the summer adventures!

long hair with ombre hairstyle on the beach sea ocean atmosphere. Great photo

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