Ombre Bob – Ideas and Tips for the Hit Hairstyle 2017

Ombre Bob is a trendy, modern and elegant hairstyle that is the hit of 2017. Why do not you style your hair like that? There are so many variations that are suitable for any face shape, hair length and color.

Ombre Bob - hit of 2017

A Bob Hairstyle Hiding Undercut Pink Lipstick - Ombre Bob For Thin Hair

First idea: Opt for brown color for the top of the head with ombre effect of blond strands lower. If you still want to look fancy, leave a bit of brown on the hair tips.

Ombre Bob nuances

blue blouse, vintage jacket medium-length ombre bob, nice make up

Be inspired by stars

Two photos of an actress with a fancy dress and Ombre Bob

Second idea: This short bob with ombre hair has many advantages. From behind it seems like you are wearing short hair, while at the front this hairstyle is an ordinary bob. The nuances emphasize the line of hair.

Original Ombre Bob

Girl with blue eyes and short ombre bob hairstyle silver jewelry black blouse

Third idea: You can make your Ombre Bob asymmetrical, which is best seen on straight hair.

Smooth ombre hair

Jourdan Dunn Short Ombre Bob Elegant Black Dress Dark Lipstick

Fourth idea: Curly hair is the best way to complete the Ombre Bob. You create even a casual hairstyle for everyday life.

Casual everyday hairstyle

Ombre Bob brittle hair gray dress in a beauty shop casual hairstyle

Fifth idea: Black hair and light blond nuances create a perfect contrast that adds to the ombre look. In addition, this hairstyle is recommended if your natural color is darker.

Create a nice contrast

Ombre Bob brown hair to light blonde shades evening make up and black dress

Sixth idea: See four pages of what an Ombre hair with blond strands looks like. Since such a hairstyle accentuates the eyes so well, it fits perfectly with the eyeshadow.

A hairstyle from four corners

blond hair medium long with Ombra Bob as it looks upside down on all sides

Seventh idea: These cute ombre tresses always make you look young. Short Bob always has a girly aura that complements the Ombre effect.

Teenage hairstyle

medium length hairstyle Ombre Bob, many small earrings, evening make up, black blouse

Eighth idea: This ombre is a bit drastic. While the others fade in three colors, the contrast is very sharp here.

Dramatic Ombre look

blue dress, red lipstick, funny look an ombre look of the hairstyle

Tip 1: Ombre hair can also be quite long, which produces the effect the strongest.

Enjoy our further suggestions

medium length ombre Bob hairstyle on the background of green plants

Taylor Swift demonstrates her idea for Ombre hair. Namely with Bob haircut can create a very elegant hairstyle.

Ombre look of Taylor Swift very tantalizing look red lipstick stressed eyes

Tip 2: Although some people think that gray hair color makes them look older, it is actually pretty chic and modern these days. Gray combines perfectly with black.

black and white ombre look big sunglasses, purple lipstick, leather jacket in the car

Tip 3: Ombre hair can also look very natural. Sometimes the hair gets brighter from the sun and this effect can be achieved with ombre shading.

Natural-looking hair

short brown hair with curls an ombre look everyday clothing jacket and gray blouse

Tip 4: Brittle hair looks very cute in this hairstyle. The discrete curls create volume, which enhances the face even more.

Ombre look of a fashion-conscious woman, medium-length hair, red lipstick

Tip 5: Short, asymmetrical bob with ombre hair and subtle make-up make you the queen of any party.

short ombre hair evening make up black dress and many trinkets

This is our favorite hairstyle. She forgives a round shape of the face, which is why she drives the natural beauty in the foreground.

Ombre look blond hair red lipstick blue eyes black dress

You go for a walk outdoors and that's why you need a quick and easy hairstyle. Three-colored hair can look very casual.

A few more inspirations

short bob hairstyle with ombre look black blouse with inscription blue jeans

Make Ombre yourself

Ombre look of a young girl without make up black blouse at hairdresser

Stylish bob hairstyle with ombre effect

Ombre look of two young ladies with white clothes and nice trinkets

First suggestion: Curly Bob Hairstyle looks very chic. The Ombre look complements the appearance, because the curly hair is even more noticeable.

Ombre look shoulder length hairstyle with bangs dressed with black blouse

Second proposal: Dare to bleach the hair as much as possible. You can reach up to the white color. However, keep in mind that the hair does not get too dry.

Long colorful hair

Ombre look sent Bob's hairstyle very bright nuances gray knitted blouse

Third proposal: Leave less brown color in the hair, especially if you are dyeing Ombre for the first time. In this way you get used to the change more easily.

long hair ombre look a slender woman with casual curly hair and white dress

Another proposal would not be exaggerating with the blonde. In case you have not decided whether Ombre Bob is your style, rather leave out of their natural shade. The bleaching can be cut later to acquire a new hairstyle.

Ombre hair brown hair in bob hairstyle a nice blue blouse to contrast

Caroline Receveur shows us a trendy hairstyle Ombre hair in Bob style

Short Bob and Ombre

short, ombre hair evening make up pink lipstick a beige jacket of well-known star

short hair ombre hair white blouse a side pony beautiful make-up

Ombre hair short hair long earrings like black feather a beige blouse

Olivia Wilde with a modern haircut

Olivia Wilde with ombre hair and bob hairstyle pretty fake to imitate

black blouse small chain sun glasses bob hairstyle with ombre hair

Ombre hair cute girl with light make up black dress closed eyes

slightly bowed head shows ombre hair in perfect bob hairstyle casual curls

Make up and Bob Hairstyle

glaring red lipstick full-blown ombre hair shoulder-length hair white blouse

shoulder-length hair ombre hair blue eyes and blue dress pink lipstick

shoulder length hair Ombre hair black blouse and tattoo on the shoulder

Two Suggestions on How to Wear Ombre Hair - Smooth and Brittle Hair

Fast and easy bob hairstyles

short hair ombre hair white dress, casual hairstyle curly hair

long ombre hair white blouse curly hair a casual hairstyle

medium-length Bob Ombre hair red lipstick white pullover, blue eyes

shoulder-length hair ombre hair curly hair a hairstyle perfect for New Year's Eve

Hollywood stars give a role model

shoulder-length hair, ombre hair straight hair a plaid blouse and beautiful smile

short hair ombre hair beautiful earrings shiny hair interesting dress

Ombre tresses short hair brown hair black clothes a chain leather women's bag

Casual is trendy

bright color ombre strands of curly hair short hairstyle casual hairstyle easy to make

shoulder length hair brown hair with ombre strands quick and easy hairstyle

Ombre strands a beautiful woman with blue eyes a gray blouse well styled

Ombre Strands Large Triangular Earrings Short Bob Black Hair

Let's start with Ombre and Bob a lot

shoulder-length hair, casual hairstyle, ombre tresses in bob hairstyle striped blouse

Two examples of how to combine Bon Ombre streaks with clothing

Two more examples of shoulder-length bob hairstyles with Ombre strands

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