Ombre hair make yourself – the Sunkissed look to imitate

"Making Ombré Hair itself" means creating shadows that bring a unique liveliness to your hair. At Ombré, one thinks of a hairstyle with hair tips as if brightened by the sun. Even in the hectic city, the hair appears with summery highlights, as if you came straight back from the beach. The nicest thing about it is that the ombré tone can easily be copied at home. How can you make Ombre Hair yourself? You can find out now. Stay curious.

Make Ombre Hair by yourself

ombre himself make instructions beautiful shiny hair fashion magazine glasses blonde

If you have decided to dye your hair Ombré, there are a few key factors to consider: consider your natural hair color, hair density and haircut. Applying Ombré clay to the tips is a breeze if you use high quality products:

L'Oréal Ombré Set - make Ombré Hair yourself

Ombre Hair themselves make the content with the LOreal Ombre set

What you need:

  • 1 pack of hair color, also a second pack for the neck if needed
  • a bowl and a brush
  • Brush or comb
  • Clips or hair ties
  • Gloves - enclosed in the hair pack
  • Clothes, such as an old T-shirt
  • towel

DIY Ombré Hair and Balayage Technique

First, comb your hair and divide it in half. Brush your hair so that there are no knots. Use the clips or hair ties to push up the upper part and evenly comb the lower third of the hair. Take off your gloves that you have in the dyeing kit. Put the contents of the hair pack in a bowl and mix everything together with a brush. Evenly comb the lower third of the hair. Use the expert brush for the tips. To keep the gradient flowing: apply the mixture, lighten it up, wipe it up - up to the chin height. How to achieve color in a beautiful transition - the look should be natural and soft.

How to make yourself Ombré Hair at home?

ombre hair color beautiful long hair design ideas long hair elockig dress picture photos

Now let the color retract for about 30 minutes and then wash your hair. Let the color take effect for a maximum of 45 minutes. After washing, apply conditioning balsam to care for the hair after this colorization. You can also use a conditioner, let it work and rinse for 3-5 minutes. This is the final result after blow-drying:

DIY - instructions

To lighten the hair: If you dye the hair after bleaching ...

ombre itself make ombre hair blond dye long curly hair

Bleaching or bleaching is basically an aggressive method of coloring the hair. To achieve the perfect Ombré tone, our team advises you to leave the bleaching of hair to a professional, because the hairdressers know the right technique. If you have no experience with it and if you leave the dye too long or too little, you risk lightening or even shattering the hair more than the recommended two to three shades. As a result, many women prefer to spend several hours in the hairdressing salon - and it is also nice to chat with someone during the procedure. And who does not like the admiration of other women in the salon, when the end effect is achieved!

Do you dare to bleach your hair and dye ombre?

ombre hair color beautiful design great hair color blonde nuances lure fine

Your hair should not be washed for at least one day before bleaching to make it greasy. A natural oil protects against bleaching. Thus, the hair is not damaged by the bleaches, which extract the color pigments from the hair.

Test the color beforehand on some highlights to see how your hairs take on the color and prevent any nasty surprises.

If you have previously separated your hair, take fine, different sized strands. Add the cream and powder to the coloration. Then add the whitening cream and shake or mix. Evenly spread the paint on the brush to ensure it is well covered and work the mixture strand by strand in the tips.

For a flowing natural gradient, you can try the following strategy:
You have the opportunity to wrap the tips in an aluminum foil and then wait 20/30 minutes. Then you only dye the tips again, but this time you go a little higher, wait about 15 minutes, repeat it one last time and wait 10 minutes afterwards before you wash your hair.

Ombré styling - blond, brown and caramel highlights

ombre itself coloring short curly hair tinting red lips make up ideas

The Ombré "shadows" can be versatile. The Ombré look fits perfectly with both long and short hair. Just make sure that every Ombre styling is perfectly staged with cut hair tips. The hues can also vary - blonde, brown or red ... There are endless possibilities and combinations that you can consider, you do not need to choose only one.

Short Ombré hair - style to admire 

ombre himself dyeing short hair blond lace pony bracelets model idea

Ombré works on short hair and can look very natural. If you dye your Bob Hairstyle Ombre, it is recommended to apply the color from ear height downwards. For shoulder-length hair, apply the brush at chin height. To avoid unsightly edges, work with individual strands, which you comb different distances from the approach.

Even with a stylish bob you can color Ombre. Long Bob is a bit longer than the classic Bob style. Even if you have a long one Bob haircut, you can opt for Ombré look.

The ombre hair color looks so beautiful with shoulder-length hair

ombre itself make design ideas for short hair woman attract color ideas

For long hair, it is very easy to apply Ombre when the starting color is brown. If you want to make thick, long waves yourself, have a look at the tutorial:

More ideas from this creative vlogger

Ombre hair

long hair with waves styling balayage technique for thick hair

Make ombre hair yourself - natural shades

ombre brown lighter tip curly hair fashionable hairstyle medium length

Ombre look for longer hair

Loreal ombre hair blond for long curly hair with a dark neck

Shoulder long hair

ombre himself coloring ideas smiling woman vanessa hudgens with ombre color

Bleached tips: if you want to look more natural, use natural make-up, combined with it, the hair color looks just as fresh and natural as you. For everyday life, our team recommends such a decision. In the evening you can just add lipstick in crass color and voila - the perfect party look is ready!

Achieve an evening look in 5 minutes

ombre itself make beautiful idea subtly shoulder-length hair curly brown nuances

Ombre red

Ombre Red for medium-long hair three nuances bright point darker approach

Ombre Hair with three nuances - The Ombré look can be achieved even with unusual tints, for example violet or reddish brown. In the reference image, the red is applied to the hairline. The light red undertone is used for a smooth color transition. To soften the look a little bit further, the blond tops, which are slightly lightened by the sun, help.

To blond tones, the light pink nuances can fit well. Below are a few examples of how to beautify your hair if you are still blond from the beginnings.

Trendy two-tone hair - blonde lugs and pink tips

ombre hair blond pink second son hair shoulder length in ombre look

Rosa is a perfect match for brown hair

ombre rosy brown to pink nuancing ideas for trendy trendy women

Caramel ombré is a very popular hair color. To avoid unsightly edges, you should work with individual strands, which are combed different distances from the approach.

For a beautiful natural look

ombre hair itself make great idea for short hair ombre model straight hair

Ombré Balayage Look - caramel 

ombre hair brown ombre dye blow dry and curly style

Ombré Balayage brown - perfect party hairstyle!

ombre hair itself make a great party hairstyle easy and beautiful discreet curls

If you prefer the discreet designs

ombre natural look kiss from the sun light brown hair with blond tips

We hope we have made you curious and will be pleased with the result.

Subtle curls in the ombre hair

ombre hair itself make short hair curly light blonde color color idea

Vanessa Hudgens - many of the Hollywood stars like the Ombre look   

ombre himself make instructions for great hairstyles shoulder-length hair chain

Ombre Hair make yourself - such an effect can also be designed on your hair

long straight hair balayage ombre look fashionable hairstyle blonde tips

With such long hair, it's pretty hard to do the Ombre look yourself - rather go to a professional hairdresser

ombre himself do instructions as long hair is only styled in the hairdresser ombre lure

A fancy idea like this will draw everyone's attention

ombre coloring color design great idea long hair brown red tints nuancing

Fire! - the hair expresses your wild nature

ombre tinting ideas for short hair fancy hair coloring designing lights

In any case, the ombre hair can also look super elegant

ombre tinting long hair ombre nuancing shaping ideas elegant women

Miley Sirus

ombre coloring great idea as of miley syrus short hair curly black top

Cyclamen red tops - a hit among the teenagers 

hair dye ombre look women brown hair with pink tips great design

This photo reminds us of the Latin-American TV stars - you want to look so fine too

hair dye ombre design design idea subtle and finely made beautiful model

Jessica Alba

hair dye ombre idea jessica alba long curly hair with blond tips

Trendy in 2017

hair dye ombre design ideas long hair black with brown tips

hair ombre short hair smooth natural look for everyday ombre look women

Wild curls with ombre look even better

hair ombre idea for women with such a great hair wild curls of nature

Red curls - why not!

ombre red wild curls and a smile all that belongs to the perfect look woman

Another way to show yourself as humorous and trendy

ombre hair color interesting photo fancy idea long straight hair ombre effect

Tips in violet color - how do you like that?

ombre short hair purple color tips fancy hairstyle ideas for women hair

ombre short hair beautiful look hair blond pink fancy hair ideas women

A hairstyle that belongs to our favorites

ombre short hair great look short blonde hair curly cyclamen lipstick

  Elegant curls - hairstyle made by a pro

hair ombre design idea subtle nuancing on the hair long hair brown

hair ombre hairstyle curls curly hair dark brown nuance light brown orange

The fashion icon Jennifer Lopez

hair ombre an idea inspiration from jennifer lopez green dress woman with style

The shorter hair in summer is also super practical and easy to care for

ombre hair brown idea curls ombre short hair model make up design ideas

DIY Balayage and Ombre Hair

trendy hairstyles ombre hair short, blonde hair tips darker approach

More nice ombre looks

ombre hair brown long hair brown with beautiful golden pointy hairstyle

Make Ombre Hair itself - that's the way it looks

ombre hair brown to golden blond lace shaping ideas straight hair

ombre hair brown design idea long straight hair hair color brown to dark blond

The bound ombre hairs are great!

ombre hair color tied hair blond gray woman great manicure ideas make up

ombre short hair brown to blond tips make lighter fade curly hair

Unique flow 

ombre blond color long straight hair ideas curls tips blond approach

Ombre Hair make yourself - even after getting up, your hairstyle looks great

ombre hair itself make the ombre hair look great even wake up right after

From black to brown - the nuances are important

ombre hair color subtle nuancing on the hair black to brown tint

Nice color fusion 

ombre himself make instructions ideas curly hair yellow dress nuances colors

Make ombre hair yourself - pink-blonde design

ombre pink ideas color hair color fancy extravagant ideas for women

Do not hesitate to dye your hair Ombre - they will be trendy for a long time, because they look so cool

ombre blond color design of hair wild curls once again decorate with ombre

Make ombre hair yourself

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