Pastel hair color: Useful information and tips for proper care

From Creamy Platinum to Bronde to Geode Hair - the hair color trends of 2017 were so beautiful and diverse that it was unimaginable to try just one of them. What will be announced in 2018? This year, the fashion-conscious ladies are again numerous choices and just like last year are anything but boring! Currently the pastel shades are very popular. Delicate, girly and quite seductive - these wonderful nuances emphasize female beauty in a unique way. Whether mint, bright pink or bright purple - every pastel hair color looks really stunning and can completely change the look of every woman!

Pastel Hair Color: The mesmerizing pastel purple

pastel hair color, katy perry, medium length curly purple hair, evening make-up

Pastel purple is a light shade of purple color. Although it is a soft and soft shade, it looks very attractive, which is why it's no wonder why so many stars have tried this great hair color. Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry - these are just a few of the celebrities who are already seen with pastel purple hair on the red carpet. Why is this striking color so popular? Pastel purple is an unusual hair color. It looks extravagant and is a real eye-catcher. In addition, pastel purple is good for many women. As a cool shade, it usually fits best with ladies who have a light-colored skin with a cool undertone (pink undertone). Even women with a neutral skin type, however, can have their hair dyed pastel purple.

Pastel hair color: The sweet pastel pink

Pastel hair, woman with blue eyes and long pastel pink hair, trendy hair colors

Pink dresses, pink nails, pink smartphones and now - pink hair! The women love the wonderful pink color, so it is not surprising that they have become even today one of the most popular hair colors. All nuances of the pink color are currently very much in vogue. The most fashionable of these is pastel pink! This charming color is very delicate, romantic and girlish. It reminds of the beautiful Barbie dolls from our childhood and looks like a sweet cotton candy! Just like the pastel purple hair color, pastel pink is best for women with a cool to neutral skin type. For the ladies with a warm skin tone, this pretty pink shade is not well suited. You should opt for a hairstyle in the ombre look, dip-dye tips or pink highlights.

The charming hair color Mint

pastel hair color, make up for green hair, long smooth mint hair

Mint is another color you can choose if you want to dye your hair in a modern pastel tone. It's beautiful, gentle and just looks stunning. In contrast to the other pastel colors, it is also good for women with a warm skin type. If you've ever dreamed of looking like a mermaid, then you'll undoubtedly have to try this extraordinary hair color. Whether your skin is light or dark, it will really make your face shine. And if you have brown eyes as well then you will look phenomenal!

Hair in the colors of the rainbow

Colorful hair, long straight hair in the colors of the rainbow

You like all the cool pastel hair colors and you can not just pick one of them? How about if you have your whole hair colored? The hair in the colors of the rainbow is a relatively new trend. Since many bloggers, social media stars and even some pop singers have dyed their hair colorful, it is gaining more and more popularity. Hair in the colors of the rainbow is something really special. That's why not every woman is ready for such a big change. If you like the idea, but you also want to keep your own hair color, then you can opt for the so-called "Hidden Unicorn Hair" look. In this case, only the lower layer of the hair is dyed colorful and so it can only be seen when the hair is pinned up.

Maintain pastel-colored hair properly

short purple hair, hairstyle with curls, make up for purple hair, kelly osbourne

The delicate pastel shades look really wonderful and will certainly be liked by many women. Unlike the traditional hair colors like brown and blond but bleach faster and therefore need more care. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your beautiful pastel hair color longer:

  1. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely and with the help of your hair stylist: If you have never dyed your hair before, you may not know how to properly care for it. This is exactly where your hairstylist can help. Discuss everything with him / her and ask what care the appropriate hair color needs. So you can later choose the right products that perfectly match the needs of your hair.
  2. Let your hair be cut periodically: Pastel colors are bright colors, so the hair must first be lightened and only then dyed to the desired shade. Since all this can stress them, it is very important to get them cut regularly.
  3. Do not forget to refresh your hair color regularly: Pastel-colored hair looks beautiful and modern, even when the approaches have grown out. But if you do not dye your laces too much time, they can get a different color after coloring. To avoid this, go to the hair salon every 6th to 8th week to keep your pastel hair color fresh.
  4. Use dry shampoo: As we have already told you, they bleach pastel colors faster than traditional hair colors. With each wash, the pastel-colored hair loses luminosity and paler, so a dry shampoo can be very useful.
  5. Wash your hair with lukewarm water: Do you know that the too hot water rinses off the color pigments faster? If you want to enjoy your beautiful pastel hair color for a long time, wash your hair with cold water.
  6. Do not forget to use heat protection products: The heat can damage any hair. However, people with bleached hair need to be extra careful because their hair can dry quickly and become weak when exposed to too much heat. To keep your pastel-colored hair healthy and beautiful, use the appropriate heat protection products.

Long bob hairstyle in pastel blonde with pastel pink hair tips

pink hair, medium long pastel hair with pastel pink tips, sky blue evening dress

Ellie Goulding and her new charming pastel purple hair color

long smooth purple hair, ponq hairstyle, make up for purple hair color, trendy hairstyles

Mint or pastel pink? Best the two hair colors!

pastel hair color, long candy-colored hair with a dark base, kesha

Hillary Duff has already changed many hair colors. It's really beautiful with this cool mint pastel! 

pastel hair color, medium long gray-green hair, make up for green hair color

The stars like the pastel purple hair color!

purple hair variations, trendy hairstyles, hairstyle with water waves, ponafrisur

short straight blue hair, make up for turquoise hair, trendy hairstyles

blue hair, long curly gray hair with blue hair tips, trendy hairstyles

Kelly Jenner always surprises us with a new hair color - this time she has chosen the great light blue pastel tone

pastel hair color, medium-long mit-colored hair, white evening dress with v-neck

pastel hair color, medium long pastel blonde hair, hairstyle with curls, make up

Pastel-colored hair, short pastel blond hair with a dark neckline, white dress with a V-neck

Pastel-colored hair, long bob hairstyle, pastel blonde hair with a dark base

Do you like the pastel purple hair of Kelly Osbourne?

purple hair, woman with pony frsiur, medium length purple hair, make up

pastel-colored hair, medium-length curly purple hair with a dark base

short purple hair, trendy hairstyles, make-up for purple hair

Pastel hair color: turquoise hair is the new hit!

short turquoise hair with black neck, evening make-up in brown

medium length curly purple hair, katy perry hairstyles, big silver earrings

medium-length curly purple hair, hairstyle with curls, trendy hairstyles

Pastel-colored hair with a dark base, make-up for rosegolden hair

pastel-colored hair, ema stone hairstyles, short pastel blond hair, white sakko

Pastel hair, Landy Gaga, retro style hairstyle, vintage hairstyle

The new hair color by Helen Mirren: We hope to be as cool as you are at 67!

short smooth pink hair, trendy harschnitte and hair colors, pink hair

blue hair tips, blond hair with a dark neck and blue-purple spikes

short purple hair, hairstyles for short hair, natural make-up

hair color purple, long purple hair with a dark base, hairstyle with water waves

hair color purple, make up for blue eyes, medium length curly dark purple hair

pastel tint, short pastel blonde hair, evening make-up for gray eyes

The pastel purple hair tips are a nice and modern variety in every hairstyle

blue hair tips, woman with long straight pastel blond hair with blue tips

pastel hair, short silver hair, evening make-up for gray eyes

pastel pink, medium-length blonde hair with pastel pink hair tips, trendy hairstyles

hair color purple, short straight hair, woman with bob hairstyle, bangs, evening make-up

Young, wild and free! 

purple hair, woman with curly purple hair and round sunglasses in retro style, boho style

Colorful hair, woman with white cap and pink-blue hair, pony frsiur

purple hair, long smooth purple-gray hair, make-up for blue eyes

pastel-colored hair, purple blouse and long golden necklace with a large pendant

Blonde hair with blue tips - a cool idea for the winter

blue hair tips, woman with long platinum blond hair with light blue spikes

blue hair tips, pastel blonde hair with blue tips, hair in ombre look

Colorful hair, short straight hair in purple with blue highlights, big rings and armbands

purple hair, woman with short pastel blond hair with purple neck, hairstyle with waves

hair color purple, medium length curly hair, hairstyle with curls, makeup for purple hair

Hair in the colors of the rainbow

Colorful hair, fru with long hair in the colors of the rainbow, hairstyle with curls

The attractive pastel hair color blue

Make-up for blue hair, woman with curly hair, red lipstick

pastel pink, everyday frsiur with big braid, woman with braid hair, ombre pink

Blue hair variations, make-up for blue eyes, gray-blue hair

purple hair, woman with purple-gray hair, hairstyle with curly hair, trendy hairstyles

blue hair, woman with short blue hair with purple tips and black neck

medium-length curly blue hair, hairstyle with curls, make-up for blue eyes

Which pastel hair color do you like best?

long smooth pink hair, trendy hairstyles and hair colors, pastel colors

pink hair, woman with long platinum blond hair with pink strands

long smooth turquoise hair, woman with everyday hairstyle, black eyes

pastel pink, curly arosa hair with blue hair, blonde hair with blue neck

Hair like moonstone

Pastel-colored hair, gray hair with pink strands, gray hair

tasting tint, pink-blonde hair with a dark neck, hairstyle with curls

purple hair, woman with medium-length pink hair, white blouse in combination with brown skirt

pastel tint, woman with blue eyes and pastel pink hair, red lipstick

pastel tint, hairstyle with curls, woman with ash brown hair, purple hair

pastel tint, woman with ash brown hair and natural make-up

These pastel pink hair colors with purple nuances is simply phenomenal!

curly pink hair with purple nuances, make-up for brown eyes

pastel pink, medium long curly gray hair, purple hair color, katy perry

pastel pink, short neon-colored hair, make-up for pink hair

pastel pink, honey-colored hair with pink hair tips, hairstyle in ombre look, retro hairstyle

pastel tint, light brown hair with blond strands, hairstyle with curls

Woman with pink hair with purple nuances, big silver ring in the form of skull

purple hair, woman with black dress and medium-length purple hair

Holographic hair color - gray-purple hue in combination with pastel pink, blue and mint nuances

Colorful hair, long bob hairstyle, gray hair with pastel highlights

colorful hair, woman with long purple hair, braid with big braid

medium-length blue hair, festival outfit, braid with pigtails

pastel tint, hairstyle for medium-long hair, hairstyle with curls

pastel tint, medium long smooth gray-silver hair, make-up for gray hair

long bob hairstyle, hairstyle with curls, pink hair with purple neck

Colorful hair, pastel pink hair with purple hair tips, silver make-up

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