Pink hair: These are the hottest pink nuances

The pink hair is currently more relevant than ever! Stars like Kylie Jenner, Michelle Williams, Rita Ora and Julianne Hough have already decided on this cool hair color and look super modern and stylish. If you've ever dreamed of pink hair, now is the perfect time to try out this enchanting color. Take a look at our list of the most popular pink shades and choose the color that best suits your personality and that suits your personality!

We all love the pink hair!

short curly pink hair, katty perry with colorful dress and chinese parasol

The pink hair has long been a kitsch. Nowadays, they are one of the latest hair color trends and are becoming increasingly popular. The new pink shades, ranging from light pastel pink to neon pink, look very feminine and modern. They look very stylish and are a great alternative for any woman who craves variety. If you want to experiment with new colors, then you can make no mistake with the modern pink hair color. But before you take this step, you need to know a few things: pink is a light color, so it must be applied to blonde hair to achieve the desired shade. Be sure to make an appointment with your hairstylist to discuss all the details in advance.

The modern nuances of pink hair: pastel pink

pastel hair color, jessie j with pink-blonde hair, black blank jacket and t-shirt

Pastel pink is a bright, gentle shade of pink hair color that is currently in fashion. All women want to dye their hair pastel pink and there are many good reasons for this: This stunning shade looks very attractive, very feminine and is a real eye-catcher. It is delicate but still very effective and is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. Since pastel pink is a light and cool shade of color, it usually goes better with women with lighter skin types who have a cooler undertone. As far as the hair structure is concerned, this exceptional color is particularly suitable for thin hair, as it can be lightened more easily and then dyed to the desired shade. But if the hair is already blonde then there are no restrictions.

Rose Gold: A hair color trend inspired by the stunning rose gold color of the iPhone 6s

short smooth pink hair with dark neck, golden necklace

If you want to match your hair color with your new rose gold iPhone, then it's time to visit your hair stylist! Since Apple launched the new iPhone 6s, rose gold has become one of the hottest hair color trends. And we are not surprised! A dazzling mix of warm and cool pinks, this hair color goes well with all skin types and hair structures. It is also suitable for women of all ages, which makes it easy to understand why it has captured the hearts of so many women worldwide. The rose gold hue is something really special! Whether you're dyeing all your hair or "spicing up" your hairstyle with just a few strands, this hair color is pure (rosé) gold!

Dusty Pink: The perfect pink shade for glamorous women!

pastel hair color, short smooth pink-purple hair, evening make-up

Dusty Pink is an ashy shade of pink hue that's a bit more intense than the previously mentioned pastel pink and rose gold. This great hair color is usually best for women with a lighter to medium skin type who have a cooler undertone. As for the ladies with darker skin types, Dusty Pink is not well suited for them. These women need to opt for an Ombre-look or Dip-Dye hairstyle, otherwise this extraordinary hair color can make your face look tired. Dusty Pink is an extravagant shade that naturally has to be combined with a matching make-up. Here are some useful tips to help you: Avoid the nuances of the nude and choose colors such as pop pink and red. Do not forget to emphasize your eyebrows when they are too light and put on a pink to peach-colored rouge.

Bangpink: hair like a sweet cotton candy!

medium-length curly pink hair, white women's suit with interesting pattern

So beautiful, so cute - the hair color bright pink is so adorable that every woman will surely love her! This stunning hue has both warmer and cooler shades and is therefore suitable for all skin types. If traditional hair colors are too boring for you, then bright pink can be an interesting alternative. But if you decide on this striking color, you need to know something: Damaged hair loses its brilliance quickly. In order to keep the beauty of the color longer, do not forget to have your hair cut regularly and to use appropriate care products and Styligsprodukte.

Neon Pink: That's how you'll stand out from the crowd! 

pink hair, katty perry with rockabilly hairstyle and make-up in retro style

If you go out with your friends in the evening and they tell you that you are immersed in the crowd, then it's time for a radical change! The possibilities in this case are very diverse. But what would be better than having your hair dyed in neon pink? Neon pink is currently very much in vogue. This harsh color also goes well with all skin types and is a real eye-catcher! To create a modern look, it's best to opt for neon pink hair with a dark neck. So you will not only show character and individuality, but also look very trendy.

Make-up for pink hair

short curly pink hair, woman with pink evening dress with sequins

The right make-up must emphasize the benefits, hide the small disadvantages and perfectly complement the hair color. But what about the matching make-up for pink hair? Our recommendation is to focus on fresh colors. Apply a light eye shadow and underline your eyes with a black line. Also use blusher in warmer shades and lipstick in a nice pink or red hue that will go perfectly with your pink hair.

Pick your favorite nuance!

pink hair, make up for pastel pink hair, sweatshirt in pink and black

You do not want to dye all your hair pink? Then you can spice up your hairstyle with a pair of pink highlights!

hair pink tötonen, short honey golden hair with pink strands

The stars love the rose gold hair!

pink hair, woman with pink-golden hair and green satin evening dress

pastel hair color, red lipstick and brown eyeshadow

pink hair, nicky minaj with arose pink evening dress with silver decorations, bangs

Choosing pink hair can change your whole life!

pink hair, pony-haired woman, white trousers and jacket in gray and black

pink hair, woman with natural make-up, vintage hairstyle with water waves and azure evening dress

hair pink tones, short smooth pink-golden hair, natural make-up

pastel-colored hair, woman with pink-blonde hair and black dress

This extravagant hair color is a beautiful mix of pink, orange and red nuances. Is not it really breathtaking?

pastel-colored hair, long straight hair in orange-pink, white evening dress

pastel hair, woman with pastel hair and evening amke-up

pastel hair color, katty perry, make-up for pastel-colored hair

pastel tint, long straight hair in pink gold, silver evening dress with sequins

Katty Perry likes to experiment with new colors and nuances and she has already tried almost all modern pink shades!

pastel hair color, updo with decorative elements, evening make-up

pink hair, blonde hair with a dark neck and pink tips

pastel tint, medium-length pink-blonde hair, natural make-up

Pink hair for men? How do you like the new hair color of Zayn Malik?

pastel hair, pastel-colored hair with a black base, hairstyles for men

pastel hair color, short hair in pastel pink, hairstyle with waves

pink hair, woman with bush-hair and evening make-up in retro style

Black hair with neon pink lace - in our opinion, this is a really great combination!

pink hair, black hair with pink tips, pony hairstyle

pastel hair color, short pink hair, white coat in combination with saide dress

pastel hair color, medium-length pink-blonde hair, dark red evening dress

Combine pink with orange?

pink hair, pony hairstyle in orange and pink, orange make-up

pastel hair color, long smooth pink-blond hair, large silver trinkets

pastel-colored hair, medium-length curly hair, hairstyle with curls in a retro style

Pastel hair, woman with curly hair, bangs and pink evening dress

The magnificent pink mane of Jemima Kirke

hair pink tones, long lockgie hair with pink tips, balayage

pastel hair, pink-blonde hair color, black leather dress

pink hair, make-up for pink hair, rockabilly hairstyle

pastel hair, halloween make-up, unicorn, hellbaue lenses

Pastel hair, woman with pony hairstyle, hairstyle with small pigtails

pastel-colored hair, pink-blond hair, everyday hairstyle with waves

pastel-colored hair, pink-blonde hair, black leather dress in combination with many silver necklaces

Pink hair with sky blue spirals

Pastel hair in different nuances, pink hair with build tips

pink hair, pony-haired woman, casual dutt hairstyle, everyday hairstyle

pink hair, hairstyle with curls, evening make-up, small white flowers

pink hair, woman with green eyes and pink-blond hair

pink hair, woman with black jacket and pony hairstyle, pastel pink hair color

pink hair, woman with brows eyes and pink hair, hairstyle with waves

Hair like a glamorous rose gold jewelry!

pastel tint, woman with pink-golden hair and colorful dress with floral pattern

pink hair, long pink-golden hair with black roots

pastel tint, woman with white skin and pink hair, headdress with roses

Brown-pink ombre

pink hair, brown hair with dark pink tips, balayage

pink hair, brown hair with dark pink tips, woman with pony hairstyle

pastel tint, everyday hairstyle with braids, black leather jacket in combination with short jeans

pastel tint, woman with casual bun, make up for pink hair

pastel tint, pony hairstyle, woman with side hairstyle and natural make-up

Pastel Pink Praise

pastel tint, short pink hair, brown sunglasses, summer outfit

pastel tint, woman with natural make-up and casual dutt firsur

pastel pink hair color, long pink hair with black neck

pastel pink hair color, pony-haired woman, everyday hairstyle with waves

pastel pink hair, woman with brown coat and short pink hair

pastel pink hair color, casual braid with big braid, trendy hair colors

Hair as kissed by the sun!

pastel pink hair color, make-up for pastel pink hair color

pastel pink hair color, pink make-up, medium-length curly hair

pastel pink hair color, medium long smooth pink-blonde hair with black base

hair pink tones, natural make up, big golden earrings

hair pink tones, woman with pony frsiur and round glasses, pastel pink hair color

Which nuance do you like best? 

hair pink tones, black t-shirt, hair in different pink nuances

hair pink tones, colored flower tattoo on the shoulder, everyday make-up

pastel hair, long curly pink-white hair, pink jacket

hair of pink tones, a woman with a black blouse with fringe and sunglasses

hair pink tones, woman with round glasses, black leather jacket and white shirt, pony hairstyle

Pastel hair, medium long straight hair in pink with light pink highlights

pastel hair with light pink highlights, casual braided hairstyle with a big braid

pastel hair, woman with retro firm with waves, vintage hairstyle, pink-golden hair

Honey golden hair with rose gold tips

hair pink tones, long light brown hair with blond highlights and pink tips

hair pink tones, brown hair with pink tips, pink highlights

pastel hair, natural make-up for brown eyes, pastel pink hair color

pastel hair, jeans in combination with black blouse, summer outfit

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