Pony hairstyles for every face shape

In today's article, you'll discover a variety of pony hairstyles that look pretty and casual. A pony hairstyle instantly makes you look years younger and focuses on your eyes. But not every cut fits every face shape. To avoid mistakes in hairstyle selection, consider our tips and welcome the near winter with a new attractive look.

  • For heart-shaped face shape

Pony hairstyles are especially good for ladies with heart-shaped faces, because they skilfully conceal their widest face part, the forehead. If your face is heart-shaped, hairdressers recommend a cut that forms a gentle A-line, which is longer at the sides and slightly shorter in the middle. The heart-shaped faces are also matched by the so-called baby bangs, which have become trendy again lately. The baby bangs are short cut ponies that reach to the middle of the forehead. If you get a flashy and even extravagant look, put on this pony hairstyle.

Pony hairstyle for heart-shaped face - laterally longer, shorter in the middle

Dutt hairstyle with bangs, blond strands, striped cardigan, dull lips, olive skin complexion

  • For oval face shape

A pony hairstyle makes oval faces seem particularly feminine and conceals the elongated facial features. If the shape of your face is oval, you can wear any pony by paying attention to the structure of your hair. It depends on your preference whether your pony is straight or sideways, short or long, full or fringed.

All pony hairstyles suit ladies with oval faces

Updo with bangs, blond strands, dull lips and pink rouge, floral patterned top

  •     For round face shape

Ideal for round faces are laterally worn or fringed ponies. They give the face more length and make the facial features look narrower and slimmer. If you have a round face, you should avoid round or straight cuts, because they additionally emphasize the round face and the face appears even wider and shorter.

The optimal variant for round faces

Short hairstyle with bangs, red strapless dress, long earrings, pink lipstick and black mascara

  • For angular face shape

Hair experts recommend that women with angular face shape avoid geometrically cut and straight ponies, as they visually stretch the face and make it look even stricter. A good choice is the longer, laterally worn ponies that gently fall into the face. They make your facial features look softer, visually round off your face and give it a romantic look.

Slightly longer ponies conjure up more softness

Oblique bangs, long black hair, black mascara and red lipstick, dark green dress with straps

  • For oblong face shape

An elongated face is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin. This face shape fits best a straight and dull cut bangs that ends under the eyebrows. The classic pony makes the elongated face visually wider and shorter and gives it a fresh, girlish look.

The classic pony straight and cut dull

Long hairstyle with bangs, day make-up, matte lips and black mascara, white pullover

Choose the ideal pony hairstyle for your face shape

Black long hair with bangs, white sweater and jeans, olive complexion and bright red lips

Short hairstyle with bangs

Short hairstyle with bangs, black top with short sleeves, heart of sequins, olive complexion and red lips

Draw attention to your eyes

Updo with bangs, olive complexion and delicate rouge, dull lips, backless evening gown

Penelope Cruz puts on an elegant bob hairstyle with bangs

Bob hairstyle with bangs, black straight hair, red evening dress and white coat, Penelope Cruz as beautiful as ever

Girlish and attractive

Long black hair with bangs, white floral top, red lips and porcelain tint

Long black hair with pony, ponytail, wine red shirt with short sleeves, white dots

Long hair with bangs, white T-shirt and black leather skirt, gray coat, natural look

Penelope Cruz with a pony that ends above the eyebrows

Pony hairstyle, smokey eyes, dull lips, peach-colored rouge, straight bangs, black dress with crystals

Long blond hair with bangs, pink sweater, dull lips, black mascara, blue eyes

Long hairstyle with classic pony

Light brown straight hair, straight bangs, matt lipstick and eyeliner, black top and colorful blazer

How do you like this hairstyle?

Short hairstyle with bangs, striking black evening dress, bright red lips and porcelain touch

The best variant for an elongated face shape

Bob hairstyle with bangs, chin-length black hair, snow white complexion, pink lips, white top with buttons

Pony hairstyles with crescent shape

Bob hairstyle with straight bangs, chestnut hair, dull lips and olive complexion, silver chains

Long auburn hair with bangs, blue eyes and peach-colored lips, white dress with lace motifs

An XL pony

Long black hair with bangs, natural curls, casual look, striped T-shirt and jeans

An everyday bun hairstyle with bangs

Dutt hairstyle with bangs, black top, denim jacket and scarf, olive complexion and red lips

Create a romantic look easily

Long hair with bangs, black cap and pom-pom, bright red lips and light eye make-up

Red hair with bangs, Snow White complexion and peach-colored rouge, dull lips, golden chains

Assymetrical ponies are fresh and playful

Updo with bangs, striped top and jeans, black leather bag, strapless blouse

Pony hairstyles are available to both blondes and brunettes

Long blond hair with bangs, striped blouse and black pants, light make-up

Beautiful pony hairstyle, strapless pullover in white, dark red leather bag, bright red lips

Side-fringed pony

Long hair with a side bangs, plaid shirt and black dress, olive complexion and light make-up

A cool braid hairstyle to inspire

Straight pony and braid as crown, snow white complexion and pink lips, striped blouse with short sleeves

Straight pony and ponytail, colorful dress with straps, matt lipstick and black mascara

Dutt hairstyle with straight bangs, blush, bright red lips, black T-shirt with short sleeves

A tiered pony

Green dress with straps, long black hair with side bangs, dull lips and black mascara

Bob hairstyle with bangs, white sleeveless top with a barge and lace elements, drinking tea

Even women with curly hair are good at ponies

Beautiful long hair, natural curls, slanted pony, casual look, t-shirt and shorts, green leather bag

Black medium-long hair with bangs, black T-shirt, eyeliner and black mascara, Snow White complexion

Penelope Cruz with pony hairstyle, long black hair, striped top, black mascara and eyeliner

Updo with side bangs, delicate lipstick, black pants and white top, gray coat, brown leather bag

Style pony hairstyle correctly

Long black hair with natural curls, straight bangs, white sweater, bright red lips and porcelain tint

Maroon long hair, straight bangs, matt lipstick and eyeliner, black pullover with sequins

Anne Hathaway radiates femininity and elegance

Anne Hathaway with pony short hairstyle, dull lips and smokey eyes, black dress, pearls

Krysten Ritter with beautiful pony hairstyle, brown hat, white dress, matte lips and light eye makeup, cute dog

Medium long hair with straight pony, black cardigan and jeans, day make-up

Updo with pony

Straight pony uppers, bright red lips and porcelain tint, cream dress with lace details

Maintain hair properly - look perfect every day

Long black hair with natural curls and straight bangs, burgundy blouse and jeans, pink lips

Medium-length pony hairstyle, smooth auburn hair, pink lips, dark sunglasses

Long hairstyle with bangs, black floral dress, red leather bag, red lips

Dutt hairstyle with bangs, black long hair, snow white complexion and pink lips, black top

Katy Perry always likes to experiment with different hairstyles

Bob hairstyle with bangs, white T-shirt, eyeliner and black mascara, tattoo on the hand, dull lips

Long straight hairstyle with straight bangs, bright red lips, white sweater and green jacket, olive complexion

Long hairstyle with bangs, white elegant dress with lace elements bright red lips and porcelain touch

The stylings of the stars as inspiration

Dark blond hair with a straight bangs, pink lips and black mascara, dark blue evening dress

The hairstyle chameleon

Rihanna with pony hairstyle, dark blond curls, dull lips and black mascara, black evening dress

Jessica Alba with a full, straight pony

Straight pony updo, bright red lips and evening dress, eye-catching pearl earrings

Krysten Knight with Baby Bangs

Long hairstyle with straight bangs, pink lips, dark blue evening dress with spaghetti straps

Kinnlange Bob Hairstyle with Pony

Kinnlange Bob hairstyle with bangs, bright red lips and pink rouge, strapless dress

Straight pony - the trademark of Tyra Banks

Bob hairstyle with gerdaem pony, dark blond hair, eye-catching golden chain, dark red lips

Long hairstyle with side bangs, chestnut hair, green strapless dress, matt lipstick and black mascara

Long hairstyle with straight bangs, ideas for pony hairstyles, black hair color and porcelain touch

Long hairstyle with side bangs, natural curls, casual look, gray T-shirt and colorful skirt

Short hairstyle with bangs, black evening dress, bright red lips and porcelain touch

Inspiration for the ladies who achieve a retro look

Pony hairstyle in retro style, pink dress with blue belt, pink rouge and lipstick, watermelon as mobile phone

A pony hairstyle makes your facial appear feminine

Dutt hairstyle with bangs, porcelain touch and bright red lips, black strapless top

Long hairstyle with side bangs, dark sunglasses, white dress and pink leather bag

Long hairstyle with side bangs, backless evening dress with lace elements

Have you already selected a pony hairstyle?

Dutt hairstyle with bangs, white T-shirt and jeans, pink lips and red nail polish

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