Pregnancy fashion: chic and comfortable

Pregnancy wear is no longer about hiding the baby's stomach. On the contrary: the current trends emphasize him dear. The variety of maternity dresses is unlimited: different styles, fabrics and colors for every occasion and every taste. In this article you will find some good tips on what to look for in the selection and also many great ideas for fashion lovers.

Pregnancy brings many unexpected benefits. During the happy nine months, you have the perfect excuse to indulge yourself. You have enough time to fantasize about the future, all relatives and friends pay attention to you. For the first time in your life, you can look forward to more scales as the increase indicates a normal pregnancy. The pregnancy fashion is also not to be underestimated, in maternity clothes you can look really great and at the same time feel good.

Pregnancy fashion for women with style

Pregnancy dresses, bikini in blue and purple, summer fashion

The maternity dresses you choose should be made from soft, comfortable and cuddly fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk. The synthetic substances are not recommended because they can cause allergies or intolerances. It is well known that colors evoke specific feelings and emotions in us. Make sure you have a good mood during motherhood with the help of dresses in happy colors like sunshine, coral or orange. Dresses with floral or paisley patterns are also a perfect choice.

Everything is easier with a good mood!

maternity wear, floral patterned tie, black pants, sandals

Actually, you do not need so many maternity clothes. It is much more important that these are of high quality. There are numerous garments that are not a maternity wear and yet are perfect for pregnant women. Not to banish from the closet are elastic or loosely falling tunics, oversized shirts, blouse dresses, A-shaped dresses, etc. In the first months you can also buy normal clothes that are one or two sizes larger. Among the necessary maternity clothes are certainly the circumstance pants. You can choose between different models. Maternity pants with a waistband above the abdomen can be worn throughout the pregnancy. Another variation is this with a growing collar in the same place as normal pants. They are to be adapted to the first months of pregnancy. Maternity pants with a waistband below the stomach are also very popular with many pregnant women, especially in mid-pregnancy.

If you do not want to say goodbye to your favorite clothes, choose a belly band. It covers the gap between blouse and trousers and also has a supporting effect. Belly bands are not expensive at all and also serve as a fashion accessory.

Casual wear for pregnant women

pregnancy clothes, plaid shirt in red and black, leather bag and boots

During pregnancy, many women suffer from stress and depression. Fight the murky thoughts with a pinch of humor. The funny pregnancy fashion will surely make you and your loved ones smile. The selection of funny t-shirts is great. You can also design t-shirts with funny sayings or pictures. We have some great ideas: "I'm pregnant, I'm always right", "Just looking, not touching", "I'm throwing everything and becoming mom", "Baby ... loading", "Planning my Escape".

A pinch of humor must not be missing

maternity wear, shirt in purple, funny, ball, summer, short sleeves

During pregnancy, the feet swell due to water retention and for this reason, it is particularly important to wear comfortable shoes. It is best to choose shoes that have a low heel and let your feet breathe. High-quality sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles or ballerinas are suitable.

One last tip from us: relax and do what you enjoy!

"Whoever can sing and laugh, he terrifies his misfortune" maternity wear, lacy jeans and sneakers, pregnancy fashion

Chic and pregnant

Pregnancy clothes, maternity dress, black and white, wide, white bag, black sandals

Beach fashion for pregnant women

maternity wear, maternity bikini, light red and burgundy, summer fashion

Baby on board

maternity wear, funny shirt, baby on board, wide and comfortable

Nice and natural

wedding dress for pregnant women, long sleeves made of lace, wreath of flowers

Dress with floral print pregnancy fashion, maternity dress in light blue with flowers, bag and pumps in cream

maternity wear, striped blouse in blue and white, shorts

fashion shirt, dress, oversized shirt, striped, blue and white, red pumps, black leather bag

Maternity clothes, latzjeans, blouse and shoes in dark blue

Maternity dress for the summer

pregnancy fashion, maternity wear in light blue and dark blue, combination with sandals

maternity wear, blouse, shirt in blue, loose, light

Funny maternity wear

pregnancy fashion, funny shirt with watermelon, white, short sleeves

Pregnancy clothes, white shirt with long sleeves

umstanskleid, multicolored, with flowers, elastic and comfortable, with long sleeves

Pregnancy clothing, maternity dresses in dark blue and white, with lace

pregnancy fashion, maternity dress in cream with belt, combination with sandals

Maternity dress, wide and comfortable, striped, white and blue

Pregnancy is great

pregnancy fashion for leisure, top, jeans, vest, sunglasses

Maternity dress, dark red with flowers, long and loose falling

pregnancy fashion, maternity dress, with short sleeves, pink

Never give up the beach!

pregnancy fashion, maternity bikini, tote flowers, summer fashion

pregnancy fashion, maternity dress, long, with short sleeves

Pregnancy clothes, maternity dress in royal blue, floral wreath

Maternity dress, loose, long, with long sleeves, light

maternity wear, glitter dress with short sleeves, flower wreath

In a sporty style

maternity wear, long and elastic dress, white sneakers

The comfortable shoes are a must

maternity wear, lacy jeans, striped blouse, brown leather bag

maternity wear, bikini in black and white

Dress in cheerful colors

Maternity dress, long and loose, colorful, floral, dress

Look radiant in claret

Maternity dress in burgundy with bare shoulders, with long sleeves

Maternity dress in pink, long sleeves, loose, sandals

maternity dress and cardigan, combined with sneakers

Business Attire

pregnancy fashion, maternity dress, elegant, black chain, clutch

Maternity wear, shirt in red and white, top, long

pregnancy fashion, curfew, jeans, summer fashion

pregnancy fashion, umstandstop, blazer in white and black, jeans

pregnancy fashion, maternity dress in white, light and loose, knit cardigan

maternity wear, casual blouse in white, loose falling, with long sleeves

maternity wear, top in cream, blazer in dark blue, jeans, for leisure

pregnancy fashion, bottoms bikini, blue, floral pattern

Maternity dress in coral, long and elastic, with short sleeves

circumstance dress in light blue, combined with black sandals and black chain

Maternity dress in white, denim jacket, brown leather bag

maternity dress, maternity dress in white with floral pattern, elastic

maternity dress, loose, easy, flower pattern, long sleeves

maternity dress, floral dress, long sleeves

Dress in A-shape

maternity wear, black dress, knee-length, black pumps

maternity wear, top, brown blazer, jeans, velor bag

maternity wear, top in black, cardigan, wide pants

maternity wear, shier in white funny, short sleeves

Maternity wear, top in white, long cardigan, jeans

maternity wear, dress in cream, long sleeves, loose, light

maternity dress in white, cape with floral pattern, summer fashion for leisure

maternity wear, blouse in white, cardigan, long chain

maternity wear, top in white, cape with floral pattern, light, summer fashion

maternity wear, maternity dress with long sleeves, bare shoulder

Circular tunic with floral pattern, loose, long sleeves

pregnancy clothes, funny shirt with short sleeves, christmas

wedding dress for pregnant women, lace dress with long sleeves, loose and light

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