Seesaw – entertainment that the kids love!

Would you like to give the children a wonderful playground in the garden? If you are looking for great play equipment to entertain the little ones, we have a suggestion for you that the kids will love! We know that the children like to rock!

A seesaw made of wood or plastic in the garden - that's fun, right? And the best part is that it's actually a very simple construction and if you're skilled, you can have one seesaw also build yourself. So your kids can have fun in the garden as this type of swing requires at least 2 kids sitting in the two ends of a wooden board or a metal bar.

Green wooden seesaw for the garden!

green-bob-from-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-garden

Cool playground with a seesaw!

teeter-of-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-garden-playground-in-garden

Great seesaw with four seats.

great-playground equipment-garden-bob-of-wood-

Red rocker made of metal

playground-the-garden-bob-from-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-garden

Entertainment for two in the garden!

red - teeter-from-metal-garden-design-playground equipment-garden

Wonderful model swing made of wood

beautiful-bob-from-wood-in-two-color-play equipment-garetn-design ideas

Look, which child weighs less 🙂 

super-beautiful-colors-play equipment-garden-bob-of-wood-

Simple construction made of wood in blue and yellow

super-beautiful-colors-play equipment-garden-bob-from-holz--

Creatively designed children's seesaw at the playground

super-beautiful-colors-play equipment-garden-bob-from-wood ---

Another funny model!

great - beautiful-colors-play equipment-garden-bob-from-holz--

Or ride a horse?

great-swing-in-form-a horse-garden-playground equipment


ideas-for-a-playground-the-garden-bob-from-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-garden

teeter-of-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-for-inside

bob - from-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-horticultural

teeter-of-wood-garden-design-playground equipment-garden-toys

teeter-of-wood-garden-design-play equipment - playground equipment-for-inside

modern-bob-play equipment-for-inside-child-ideas

bob-with-an original-designaus-wood-in-nursery


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