Silver blonde – a trendy nuance for self-confident women

If you want a fresh hairstyle for the coming spring, we suggest the hair color silver blonde for you. The "Granny look" can now be supplemented with "Blondie" charm. This trend has started with the Barbie dolls, who despite their silver hair have a young face.

Silberblond is a trendy shade

silver blonde - a cute girl with beautiful hair color, a white and black blouse

The silver blonde hair color is totally hip. This nuance gives a special elegance of the wearer. It is possible that you deal creatively with the silver-blonde shades. The color does not need to be completely pure. For example, pink and purple accents can be set. You can also style Ombre and Balayage.

example for silver blond hair

silver blonde - a young lady with long hair and sunglasses wears a silver ring

The Frozen is no longer a villain. Her silver and snowy hair are now becoming the model for many young ladies. The gray hair is no longer a symbol of age, but of strong, self-confident women.

Silver blonde and shiny

silver blonde - how to achieve this nuance of blond in some steps

If you dye the hair silver-blonde, you should first note what your hair color is at the moment, whether colored or natural. Achieving this shade is not an easy task if you use e.g. assume a dark nuance. Light hair colors, on the other hand, can be easily bleached and tinted to a silver effect. Of course, many prominent brands offer the color shade silver-blonde, which facilitates the coloring. Whether you should first bleach the hair or not, protect it from the negative effects of coloring. The hair gets pretty dry after being treated. This makes the hairstyles easier to shape, but the hair itself is easily burned and torn. For this reason you use care products and hair conditioner. The high-quality colorants give a natural look of dyed hair, but do not forget about the high quality care after dyeing.

Silver and golden

silver blonde - in the photo is a nuance that is closer to the blond hair color

Silver-blonde hair color matches both light eyes and skin, as well as darker facial features. You decide for yourself whether you want to emphasize the silver or the blonde shading. In fact, fair-skinned women prefer the white nuance, but in our opinion, this color is universal. First, test your preferred shade with silver spray or wig. Our team claims that the color is well suited for your modern look, but it should also suit your taste.

A collage with four hairstyles

four pictures of beautiful girls with the hair color silver blond to inspire

There's a secret to getting the perfect silver-blonde shade. If you have dyed gray, do not use toner. Actually hairdressers use a toner to remove yellowish nuances in hair after bleaching. You certainly want that if you're looking for the silver-blonde nuance. In this way, you get a mix of silver and blonde, which is quite unique.

Curly hairstyle for silver hair

Hair color silver blond - a girl with a black blouse in the hotel

Of course, consult with the stylist before choosing the silver color. Sometimes the hair should be bleached several times, because this shade is very light. Unfortunately, this damages the hair, as mentioned. If you let them bleach, you should still be prepared for the cost. It is not cheap to give your hair a Barbie look and make it look permanently shiny.

Do not you want to look like that?

Hair color silver blond - a light shade of a young girl with a white blouse

Bob hairstyle of silver blonde hair

short blond hair, wavy hair of a woman with a red jacket - hair color silver blond

Here are some make-up tips for women with silver blonde hair:

  1. Do not use light make-up. Maybe you think that the silver tones of your hair color vote. However, this makes you look pretty pale.
  2.  Emphasize your eyes with a dark eyeline and your lips with bright lipstick.
  3. However, if you are looking for a natural look, put an accent on pink lips and bright eye shadows.

A beautiful girl with long silver blond hair

Hair color silver blond - a young girl with a casual hairstyle, the girl has a white blouse on

Silverblond is a rare color that definitely beautifies you. Dare to dye your hair like this.

Take a look at our picture gallery!

Silverblond - from two corners we see the magnificent silver blonde hair of this woman

a beautiful woman who wants to dye blonde hair gray, black dress, chain with a letter

Drawing of silver blond hair

an anime girl with silver blond hair - dyed blonde hair gray

The splendor of this hair color

dye blonde hair gray - a girl with piercing and subtle make up

gray hair coloring - a cute girl with blue eyes and red lipstick

Blonde hair dyed gray - a long hair with loose curls and a gray blouse

a beautiful girl with short curly hair and blue eyes - blonde hair dyed gray

The granny look

   Hair color Gray Silver - a black blouse contrasts with the light hair color Hair color gray silver - a girl with curly hair, she has beautiful make-up


Haircolor Gray Silver - two corners of a casual curly hairstyle of long hair

Subtle makeup with silver blond hair


Silver-blonde hair - a sweet girl with beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile

Silver-blonde hair - a nice woman with pink lipstick and a white dress

Silver-blonde hair - a nice girl with curly hair and interesting make-up

Silver-blonde hair - a girl with long hair, white blouse and necklace

Trust in experienced hairdressers 

Silver-blonde hair - a woman with long curly hair who has already dyed

long curly hair of a girl with leather jacket and white blouse - silver blonde hair

silver blonde hair - a cute girl with a white blouse, dark lipstick

silver blonde hair - a celebrity with beautiful jewelry and a black dress

Silver blonde hair of a cute girl, as she looks from two corners

Show how confident you are!

silver blonde hair smooth straight long hair, a woman with blue eyes and pink lipstick

Silver-blonde hair - a short bob hairstyle perfectly styled with different nuances

long silver blonde hair with curly hair, the woman is dressed in blue blouse

silver blonde hair - a girl shows her hair, which is provided with silver-blonde highlights

Be proud of your hair color!

silver blonde hair - silver blonde hair with balayage effect, very gorgeous looking

Hair dye gray - Jennifer Lawrence with red lipstick, dressed in white dress

Hair gray tint - a beautiful hairstyle with a braid, black dress

A selfie of a cute girl with a subtle make-up in the car - hair tinted gray



Have fun coloring!

Hair gray tones - a woman with a blue shirt and bright silver hair

Hair gray tones - a gray blouse and beautiful ombre hair with gray and blond How to get out of blond hair, gray color - quite easy - hair gray tone

Hair Gray Tint - A short bob hairstyle contrasts with the black blouse

Maintain your hair afterwards!

Hair gray tones - long hair from near and far in a casual hairstyle

Haircolor Gray Silver - a girl with a beautiful piece of jewelry and a black blouse

a young girl with make up - with a silver blond hair, black blouse

Silver-blonde hair, a girl with a blue shirt, she has blue eyes

Hair gray tones - long hair, beautiful make-up, white blouse of cute girls Hair color silver gray in a casual hairstyle - a girl with a black dress

a collage of three photos with silver blond hair ending the post

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