The Burberry coat – where the tradition comes from

The Burberry brand has established itself as a fashion institution in the long years of its existence. One of the items that is very popular is the trench coat. He was first invented as a coat for the British army by Thomas Burberry. Nowadays he has changed his function a lot.

All ladies who consider good looks important have one in their wardrobe. One of the most important features and advantages of this garment is its combinability. The Burberry coat You can wear with jeans, as well as with evening dress and elegant shoes with heels. Do not limit yourself to the classic double-breasted role model. The winter models have the same feminine silhouette and fine design.

Of the Burberry coat can be combined with different scarf models. It's best to use the classic Burberry scarf. Additional accessories of the same brand are also very suitable.

You do not need to look at the latest catalogs or photos from Fashion Weeks. We have created a fantastic photo gallery with models for you. Stay with us!

The Burberry coat is traditionally presented by top models

1-Kate Moss and-Cara-Delevigne-with-Burberry coat

Every lady is a fan of the Burberry coat

2-short-Burberry Coat in Beige

A different Burberry coat with checkered pattern

Burberry trench coat with plaid-pattern

This winter coat in a wonderful wine red color is super feminine

cool model Burberry coat-in-maroon color

You will also find the classic Trench Coat in unusual colors

effect full-orange coat-of-Burberry

Important in this trench coat is the silhouette

elegant coat-of-the Burberry brand

Choose a shade that fits your hair and eye color

fantastic Burberry trench coat-combined-with-effect full bag

If you choose an elegant vision, you can keep the collar upright

fantastic-slim-fit model Burberry coat

The double-breasted coat in black is suitable for a business look

classic double breasted-Coat in Black

classic-double breasted coat-of-Burberry

classic-model double breasted Coat in Beige

casual look-unit long sheath

Coat-of-the-2016-Burberry collection

modern model Burberry trench coat in red-wine-color

Men wearing Burberry Trench Coat look particularly attractive

stylish Burberry trench coat for-men

Stay stylish even in bad weather

stylish outfit-complete-of-Burberry

stylish vision with Burberry trench coat

Achieve the London look

White Burberry Coat with Jeans and Red Bag-combine

Black-Burberry coat and red-Chanel bag

Burberry trench coat and jeans-by-the-day

classical model Burberry Coat in Beige

Burberry coat-combined-with-white dresses

Burberry coat-suitable-by-the-Spring

With such sleeves, the model becomes much more extravagant

extravagant model Burberry coat-with-interesting-sleeves

Burberry coats-combined-with-Burberry Accessories

Burberry trench coat Ladies with belt

Burberry trench coat-the-choice-of-elegant ladies

Burberry trench coat-by-one-casual look

The trench coat can be combined with a suit super well

Burberry trench coat-combined-with-brown suit

Burberry trench coat-combined-with-colored scarf

Burberry trench coat with jeans combine

With such a coat and shoes, you look like a queen

Cara Delevigne-with-brown coat and gloves

... More specifically, like Snow Queen 🙂

Cara Delevigne-with-beautiful-white coat

Casual trench coat for men's by Burberry

The hooded winter coat is fantastic for adult girls

Ladies Model winter coat from Burberry

double breasted coat-in-beige-combined-with-fancy-purple bag

Elegant-male vision with Burberry

elegant Burberry trench coat-by-Men

The materials are of great importance

elegant Burberry trench coat-in-Pastel

elegant model Burberry trench coat-by-Men

Gray Coat of Burberry combined-with-lace dress

young people-with Burberry coats and accessories

classic-model double breasted coat-of-Burberry

Flirty Short-model Burberry trench coat

Sporty look, which we rate very high

short-Burberry jacket-for-sporty look

short-Burberry jacket in beige

long-Burberry trench coat-by-Men

Long Coat with unique-design

Long Black Ladies Coat-of-Burberry

long-colored two-Damenmantel-of-Burberry

casual Burberry trench coat-combined-with-black-dresses

Burberry makes the men more attractive. These photos prove this thesis

Man with Elegant vision completely-in-Burberry

Man with long-Burberry trench coat-and-exotic-Vision

Creating a Parisian look: these shoes with leopard print appear as an accent

Parisian look-create trench coat extravagant shoes-as-accent

It could not be French

retro-vision-done-long-elegant coat

You can always bet on red

romantic-model red Burberry trench coat for Ladies

red winter coat-for-women-of-Burberry

simple Burberry trench coat-by-the-day

simple model Burberry trench coat-and-fancy-bag

simple model winter coat of wool

If you have more than one accent, you can combine them by color

Black Coat with Belt-effective shoes

slim-fit Burberry trench coat-combined-with-fancy shoes

stylish Black Coat with Belt

warm winter coat for Ladies of Burberry

White Coat combined-with-jeans

Winter coat of wool-with-interesting design

Winter coat in beige-with-warm scarf

Winter coat from Burberry shoes-with-high-heel

Burberry collection Coat scarf-in-matching-dark shades

Burberry coat-combined-with-checkered scarf

Put on the Trench Coat with Burberry Scarf 

Burberry fashion for Ladies and Gentlemen

Burberry outfit Coat with Fit Scarf

Also in variant of poncho Burberry offers style and class

cool-cape coat-of-Burberry


Ed Westwick-dressed-in-Burberry

elegant coat-and-scarf from Burberry

fantastic models Burberry coats and scarves

classical model cloak and scarf with-stylish patterns

The Tendezen can be changed constantly. Only the style is eternal

Men dressed-completely-in-Burberry

Man with fine-Burberry Styling

Accent on the color

Coat combined-with-warm scarf

Poncho and trench coat from Burberry

stylish Coat of Burberry combined-with-yellow scarf

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