The French cap yesterday and today

The French cap is not the hat everybody wears. It has a special charm and modesty and is usually preferred by romantic girls. As such, the French are perceived. Of course, this stereotype is not quite realistic, but in the name of good tradition, we do not dispute that claim.

The French style is in principle very recognizable and for him certain accessories and even clothing items are characteristic. Today we deal with the cap. Apart from its practical function, it also has the ability to give extra charm to its owner.

The French cap, in combination with a cup of coffee and today's newspaper is just classic! You can still see that in the streets of Paris.

Now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our photos below. There you will find many Parisians, other Europeans, a few celebrities from the past, as well as current names of show business with such beautiful caps. Have fun!

The French hat is no longer exclusively French, but is still a hallmark of Parisian girls

Street fashion French style Girls Bike black skirt-scarf Black Beret French-cap

French hat with contemporary design

stylish clothing-black lacquer Clutch jewelry golden decoration-stone beautiful French-cap

The red French hat is part of the classic Parisian look

Paris classic image Girl Café-red-French-cap coffee cup cigarette red table

The French cap fits perfectly the school uniform

Paris street fashion classic outfit-black-white-Beret French Bonnet French-hat-chic-modern

The beret has been appearing for years in the fashion collections of the greatest designers

Model Revue jewelry black-hat-French-hat-classical model

The street fashion would not be so chic without the classic cap

Girls Street Fashion winter coat-scarf-white-black-hat-French-hat-chic look

This outfit looks so girlish

Girls simple clothing Beret cap cream color wool-chic-sweet

The red cap is a classic!

Girls Schools fashion simple-stylish, French-style red-cap

The feminine gloves complement the attractive look

Girl Gloves Lace Coffee cup black beret hat-French style

Suki Waterhouse demonstrates a contemporary interpretation of the classic beret

Suki Waterhouse extravagant styling modern model Beret French-hat

The 50s mood ...

50s-mood-France-retro-chic elegant Neckerchief black hat Beret

The men also opt for caps 

60s fashion man model French Bonnet brown-chic

The unforgettable Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac - models of the 60s fashion

60s fashion retro photo Catherine Deneuve-Françoise-Dorléac Berets cream-color-chic

old-man French-hat Beret hat-fashion-creative-chic

Beret French-hats-black-classic-model wife

A fun model for those who want to experiment with their looks and styling

Beret hat Funny pattern colorful-creative-interesting

Beret hat-black-and-white photo

This fashion has also influenced the excellent taste of Queen B.

beyonce-wunderchöner outfit shoes-with-heel-body color-sexy-dress-green-knitted cap

The young and very prolific actress Felicity Jones wears a classic beret model

British actress Felicity Jones-French-style beret black and white photo-stylish-chic

The great Diane Kruger has combined the beret in an elegant way

Diane Kruger-famous-German actress-elegant outfit Blue Dress Clutch Flats-French Bonnet black

elegant clothing-black-beige coat-pocket-French-Cap-chic-modern

elegant outfit-dark shades Dress Beret Cap

elegant outfit leather skirt Beret Cap stylish retro fashion yellow coffee cup

Walk with dad - we carry our berets and a few baguettes

Bicycle walk-Father-two Boy berets-French sentiment

fantastic outfit-street fashion modern-current Beret Cap Cream Color

Fashion Photo stylish outfit tulle jewelry Zyrkonia Red Lipstick Nail Polish black beret

French Bonnet model chic-original

French Bonnet black chic winter outfit beige coat

French-hat Cappuccino color-tender model female-chic

French-style black dress-red-hat-red-shoes-chic with High Heel pocket-classical model Strait

knitted-French Bonnet red coat and black gloves Leather chic-romantic

Knitted retro model in combination with scarf - and you're ready for the coming winter!

knitted-French-cap Scarf winter fashion retro-chic-classic

knitted-French-Cap-winter fashion retro-chic-classic

Pretty Girls Schools fashion coffee cup red-cap

Jean Shrimpton shows us how a winter hat must be worn - in style and class

Jean Shrimpton-retro black and white photo-cap

Kate Moss over the years - the beret and the charm remain unchanged

Kate Moss retro-photo-black-white-classic-clothing-Beret French-hat

Kate Moss supermodel Beret Cap Cigarette Coffee chic-beautiful

Kate Moss black and white photo-romantic-höbsch Black Hat

Kids Girls French-cap blue-classical model-comfortable-chic

classic outfit pastel colors and elegant-stylish black-beret

classic Beret Wool French Hat Cap

small-Girl Short Dress knitted-cap French-style flirty-chic-sweet

little-girl-sympathetic-sweet Dress French-hat Beret

Leighton Meester from "Gossip Girl" is also a fan of the French beanie

Leighton Meester-famous actress-Gossip-girl-French-hat cap

Is not this cat heartbreaking?

funny photo Cat French cap-and-white wool polka-dot ribbon

funny photo Cat French-hat Beret Hat

Girls French Chic Red Dress black beret hat-classical model Camera

This scout hat looks so fashionable! We'll take him right away!

Girls green-scout-comfortable warm-chic

Girls Coat French-hat Beret Hat

The cappuccino color makes everything look so elegant

Girls model beret cap Cappuccino color decorative flower-chic French fashion

We call this French chic polka dot dress, combined with a classic French hat

Girls Polka Dot Dress Beret hat Wool gray-chic-modern

Girls chic outfit Blouse Black Skirt red-cap Autumn Fashion

We are prepared for the winter 🙂

Girls schools Fashion French-style red-hat-chic-coquette

Marilyn Monroe in "Gentleman Prefer Blondes", 1953 - notice the beret on her head;)

Marilyn Monroe Gentleman Prefer Blondes-1953-photo-black-hat

This beautiful girl is called Melanie Laurent and we know it from the movie hit "Inglorious Bastards"

Melanie Laurent Inglorious Bastards Movie Photo Red Dress wine red Beret French girl

Models Coat cream-color and black-French Bonnet-chic coquette

The resemblance to the famous Brigitte Bardot photo is hardly accidental

Model black-hat-chic model

Model black outfit chic-stylish gloves Beret Cap Hat French

Model black beret-chic-modern-French style

The charm of the Parisian girl

Parisian Chic Girls Black Beret Cap Coat Coffee Cup

Parisian chic street fashion yellow-jacket-black-French-cap

Paris Street Fashion Coat neckerchief Silk red-hat-French style

The red cap appears in the 2013 Ralph Lauren collection

Ralph Lauren 2013 collection-red-hat

Ralph Lauren Collection 2013 Beret Cap black-classical model jewelry blue shirt and black pants Leather Case

Revue Beret Cap black French chic elegance

Red Coat coquettish-red-hat-French-style leather gloves Elegance style

The ubiquitous Carrie Bradshaw wears plaid cap with tassel

Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw-sex-and-the-city-plaid beret-cap

black and white fashion photo-classical outfit-white-shirt-French-cap

black and white retro photo Anna Karina Beret Cap

Retro photo of the gorgeous Carolyn Jones

black and white retro photo Carolyn Jones black beret-chic

... and one by Sharon Tate

black and white retro photo of Sharon Tate-knitted beret

Street fashion elegant outfit Clutch Plaid Neckerchief knitted Beret Cap eclectic composition

A red appearance goes through the streets of Paris

Street fashion elegant red-outfit-French-style red-hat-bike

Street Fashion French-style extravagant hat

Russian designer and fashion blogger Ulyana Sergeenko often combines her elegant outfits with a classic black hat model

Ulyana-Sergeenko Photo stylishly chic Clutch-red nail polish red lipstick and black hat

Ulyana-Sergeenko Black Beret fraynzösischer chic

The Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin with cute knitted hat


60's mood vintage fashion 1960 Girls knitted socks sandals Book red-cap

vintage model Camera Girl Beret Cap wool

Brigitte Bardot with French hat - that sounds and looks so natural

vintage model-French-cap-black-retro-photo-Brigitte-Bardot

Present interpretation of the French fate

vintage fashion modern interpretation French-Cap-chic Girl look

Winter fashion street fashion coat chic model bag coquettish hat-black band

beautiful photo-soft shades Girl White Beret hat-French-hat-chic-modern-classical model coffee drinking

Two Girls French-Cap-chic-modern outfits

The French beanies have always been a sign of style and good taste, today they are also a sign that you have a romantic soul.

two models Black Clothes French Bonnet Ralph Lauren Collection-traditional classic retro-stylish and elegant

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