Trend hairstyles for men: current haircuts for 2017

It may sound strange to someone, but it is also important for men, as well as women, to be happy. Most members of the strong sex are striving for good body care and the hairstyle is part of it. Now 2017 is knocking on the door and it's high time to announce the latest trends. That's why we dedicate today's article to the hairstyles for men. The Trendy hairstyles for men For the next year, we carefully collected images and created an album with the latest hairstyles made by professionals with years of industry experience around the world.

Our haircut album features a variety of men's hairstyles, each of which guarantees a striking look! The hairstylists have investigated which haircut best suits curly, wavy, thick or smooth hair, and how to style the hairstyle. The current haircuts for men for 2017 are characterized by structured, sharp and messy hair, which is suitable for any hair length. Modern is the well-groomed medium-long classic haircut, combed or smoothed to the rear and shorter at the sides. Current hairstyles are also the Combover-Haircuts that form a line and shape a volume hairstyle, and the Fade cut, which reduces the hair down and can be adjusted according to your own preference -  Drop fade or Skin fade/ Soon Haircut. Very up to date also the Pompadour And to the list are still men's hairstyles with very long bangs, which is a perfect hairstyle for thick smooth or curly hair. The so-called cropped Haircut is also becoming increasingly popular. Of the Faux Hauk Haircut from 2011 with shorter hair on the sides and extra length at the top for more movement in the hair and a wilder look, which is very popular by some gentlemen. The very popular male bun (2016)Man bun) will not be out of fashion next year either.

Trend hairstyles for men 2017 -
medium-length hair, combed back

trend hairstyles-for-men-cool-undercut-maenner-modern-hair hairstyles-smooth-hair-combed-back

Trendy Hairstyles for Men - Drop Fade for Curly Hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-drop fade-short-hair-curly-hair-maenner-fade-cut-2017

Men's Short Hairstyles: Bald Fade, Textured Hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-for-men-bold-fade-cut pointy-hair-cool-relifiertes-hair

Short hairstyles men: cropped haircut, textured hair

short hair MEN-french-crop - cropped-haircut-with-fade-3 Stubble-corrugated-hair-trend hairstyles-for-men

Cropped haircut for curly hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-men-hairstyles-mid-fade curly pony-haarfrisur2017-Less-to-the-side-cropped-cut

Fade cut + cropped haircut

trend hairstyles-for-men-short hair hairstyles-maenner-skin-fade relifiertes-hair-structured-hair-with-weight line

Fade cut, pointy hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-maenner kurzhaar hairstyles-fade-cut pointy-hair-modern-hair hairstyles-maenner-2017

Current Hairstyles - Combover + Drop Fade

trend hairstyles-for-men-current-hairstyles-maenner-cool-medium-length-hair-relifiertes-with-Weight1

Combover + Drop Fade for straight hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-current-hairstyles-maenner-cool-medium-length-hair-relifiertes-with-Weight2

Combover + Drop Fade, combed to the back

current-hairstyles-maenner-cool-medium-length-hair-relifiertes-with-Weight3-trend hairstyles-for-men

High fade, short pointed hair

current-hairstyles-maenner-pointed-hair-short fade-cut

faux-hawk-Men's short hair Men's hairstyle-with-taper-fade-to-the-Sites

Men's hairstyles-2017-longer-up-and-forward-Less-to-the-side-cut fade

men's frisuren2017-modern-maenner faux-hawk-fade haircut-ideas-pointed-hair

men's hairstyles-short-maennerfrisuren kurzhaar-thick-hasre-maenner

Smoothed backwards with fade

short hair hairstyles-maenner-high drop-fade maenner

Classic short haircut

short hair hairstyles-maenner-classic-hairstyle-classic-haircut-smooth-hair

Men's hairstyles-2017-short-straight-hair leather jacket-and-white-t-Schirt


current-hairstyles-high-fade maenner faux-hawk hairstyle-with-bart

Textured medium-long hair with Combover cut

men's hairstyles-thick-medium-length-hair-relifiert-fade-cut-2017

Classic men Dutt

maenner-hairstyles-man-bun-bun hairstyles maenner-Long-smooth-hair-trends-2017-men's

Men Dutt with Bald Fade

Men's hairstyles-2017 MEN-bun-with-skin-fade-drop fade-long-short-bart-mustache

Men's hairstyles-medium-fuer-thick hair-sunglasses-3 Stubble-and-mustache

Short hairstyle for straight hair, smoothed back

Men's short hair-straight-hair shorter-side fade-cut2017-smoothed-back without-bart


maenner-hairstyles-maenner kurzhaar hairstyles-straight-hair-blond beard Long-mustache

Cropped haircut, textured hair

maenner kurzhaar hairstyles-curly-hair-cropped-haircut-fade-messy-hair-beard-mustache

trend hairstyles-for-men-crop-hairstyle-crop-haircut-short-hair-maenner1

trend hairstyles-for-men-crop-hairstyle-crop-haircut-short-hair-men2

Men's hairstyles Ribbed Hair french-crop-fade-long-bart-long-mustache


15 Best Short Haircuts For Men 2016 Short Hairstyles Guys 2016 Short Hairstyles Guys 2016 - Kosongan

Cropped-Haarschmitt for wavy hair

current-hairstyles-for-men-medium length hair-structured-Beard corrugated hairs

Short haircut with drop fade for curly hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-soon-fade-curly-hair-beard-mustache

Pompadour with drop fade

modern-maennerfrisuren-2017-fade-cut medium length Ribbed-hair beard-pompadour

Combover haircut with long bangs for straight hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-killer-short-maenner-soon-fade combover-haircut-extra-length-pointed

Combover haircut for medium long straight hair

hairstyle-for-men-medium-length hair-additional-length-hair-wake-up-look-combover-beard

Men's hairstyles-fade-short-hair-smooth-hair-tipped-small-bart-small-mustache

Faux Hauk

trend hairstyles-for-men-loose-chaotic-maennerfrisur-haircut-taper-fade-faux-hawk

Combover haircut for curly hair with fade


Short hairstyles men - curly hair, shorter on the sides

trend hairstyles-for-men-mid-fade-curly-hair-thick-hair-black-white-photo-herrenmode

Fade cut with long bangs for wavy hair

trend hairstyles-for-men-medium-length-hair-falling-pony-mid-fade-curly-hair

Short pointy hair with high drop fade, beard separated

trend hairstyles-for-men-pointed-hair-high drop-fade sunglasses beard-mustache-black-blouse

fashionable hairstyles-for-men-pointed-medium length hair-faux-hawk-fade MEN-3 Stubble

Men's hairstyles for medium-length hair, messy

current-hairstyles-maenner-medium-length-wavy-hair - untidy-bart-mustache-short


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