Which hair color suits me and how do I know that?

Which hair color suits me? Surely every woman who has decided to dye her hair wonders. Now how do you know if the hair color you want is suitable?

First, we would like to point out that while trends are beautiful, they are transient. What is considered modern today will tomorrow be called a fashionable disaster and rejected. In addition, you should be aware of one thing: modern does not necessarily mean fitting! If you change your hair color, you should consider a lot - from your facial features on your eye and skin color to your hairstyle. No less important is the area in which you operate. If you e.g. Working at a bank, pink hair is certainly at odds with the rules of procedure. In such cases, you can resort to an alternative. There are many products such as colored hair sprays and crayons that disappear on the next wash. So you can enjoy the desired color at least for a short time on the weekend or during your vacation.

Which hair color suits me?

Which hair color suits me, color palette with brown, blond and red nuances

However, if you have decided for a permanent hair coloring, you should think carefully which hair color suits you. Because permanent hair coloring is virtually non-removable, many women do not dare to change their natural hair color. We have prepared some small tips that can help you choose the right hair color.

Which hair color suits me for my eye color?

which hair color suits me for my eye color, blue, green, brown eyes

The eye color plays an essential role in choosing the right hair color. The ladies with gray or blue eyes and white skin look very good with ash brown, platinum or ash blond. In contrast, women with green, colorful or dark brown eyes and warm skin tones simply look adorable with copper and gold hair color. The light brown eyes match hair in dark maroon and black. In principle, the rule applies here: the cold facial tones fit cold hair colors and vice versa - to the warm facial tones fit warmer hair colors.

Which hair color suits me after my Hauterterton?

Your new hair color should also match your skin color. Thus, for example, Blonde women who are lighter in color better than women with darker skin. To the reddish skin fits (chestnut) brown, and the women with olive complexion is black hair color very well. The women with white-pink complexion are best red hair. To get a natural look, follow these rules. Stick to the shades that are close to your complexion. The 1-2 tones are brighter or darker than your natural hair color.

Red-cheeked women should avoid the warm hair colors. More suitable for her are the ash tones, the champagne blond and the cool brown tones.

Champagne blonde

which hair color suits me, Champagne hair, copper eyeshadow

One can not say: "This hair color is not yours", because there are different nuances of each color. It is important that you find the right nuance for you.

With increasing age, the changes in the skin become visible. Wrinkles, pigment spots and dark circles appear. For this reason, it is recommended not to choose cold and not too warm hair colors. Something in the middle that you combine with a nice nuance of preference is better.

For gray hair, the bright colors are suitable

light shade, blonde shade, blonde hair color, types of blonde

If you have gray hair that you would like to dye, follow the golden rule: gray hair is best covered with bright colors. As women age, women should apply lighter colors as they refresh and rejuvenate the face. For women with natural brown hair, 2 to 3 shades will be brighter. Wheat blond and ash tones stand out very well for the dark blond ladies.

From a blonde to the brunette

Blonde to the brunette, long straight hair, girl with gray eyes

Sometimes women need a radical change. And the simplest of these is the change in appearance. With a new hair color and a new hairstyle every woman feels refreshed and ready for new experiences. Our tip is not to rush with the changes. They should happen slowly. Imagine that you do not like your new look? If you want to turn from a blonde to a brunette, then gradually darken your hair. Start with 2 tones of hair color darker than your natural one and continue with 2 darker tones next month. The same is true if you want to lighten your hair. The process should be gradual. Otherwise you will harm your hair.

Which means keynote and reflexes and how do you best combine both? - You will learn from the following video:

Reasonably experiment

If you are unsure of your choice for a new hair color, you can first do a test with a shampoo. If you like your new hair color, then you can move on to the next step - permanent hair coloring. If you do not accept your new look, do not panic! After a few washings the color is gone.

If you prefer to dye your hair yourself rather than the hairdresser, check out the following video for helpful tips:

Which are the trendy hair colors for the next season?

After the most famous fashion experts and hairdressers, the ash nuances are the real cracker. In combination with golden highlights they give a nice glow effect. The cool blond tones will remain trendy next year as well. The new here is the dark approach. The brown tones are complemented by reddish nuances or become pure dark or black brown. There is also something new for the copper-haired. Combined with red or purple strands, the copper color becomes even more fascinating.

The ash nuances are in vogue

Ash-brown, red skin, gray skin, yellow-brown skin, four girls

The female nature and its mutability, and the emotional states of women explain the desire to try and change the hair color. It is important that you choose the new color to match your look well. With our useful tips and the images in our gallery you can choose the best option for you. Here we go!

Ash-color palette

Asch nuance of blond and brown, hair color palette, artificial hair

ash Blonde

Aschenblond, ombre blond, long hair with curls, straighten hair

ash Brown

Woman with medium dark hair, gray-brown hair, orange lipstick

Black is the eternal classic

Woman with long black hair and blue eyes, red-cheeked

Asian woman with gray curly hair, Asian woman with dark brown chocolate hair color

red-cheeked girl with gray-blue eyes and thick lips

chocolate Brown

Woman with dark skin and freckles on the nose, chocolate hair color

Hair color dark chocolate, blue eyes, thin eyebrows, brown skin

Woman with a reddish face, ash brown, thick pink lips

gold-brown hair, white teeth, big lips, big smile

Woman with a dramatic look, long wild hair, woman without a make-up

Gray lengths with black neck

cool shades of brown with black neck, hairstyle with curls, wall cladding

brown hair with blond strands, black blouse with long sleeves

Nose with hunchback, dark neck, blond-brown lace, knit blouse

green background, white-pink complexion, pointed chin, straight nose

extremely beautiful woman with copper hair, pony, gray eye shadow

Mahogany shade, red shade, red hair color, purple hair color

Copper hair color with reddish nuances - one of the trend colors for fall and winter 2017/2018 

Copper hair with blond and light purple strands, brick wall, black sweater

a combination of copper nuances, red-purple strands and orange tips

medium length hair in reddish nuances mixed with copper and purple

If you get a more natural look, you can stick to the classic copper

Taylor Swift with long hair and fringe, red hair, blue-gray eyes

attractive woman with blond-reddish curly hair, dark eyes

blonde strand, triangle hairstyle, white tulle blouse with leopard print

Ashy tips with a dark neck

cool gray and blonde hair tips with a dark neck, women's sweater

Wheat blond with blue eyes, white dress with short sleeves and golden buttons

Taylor Swift with long ash blond, almost gray hair with pony hairstyle

Golden blond with purple strands, blond-purple hair, hairdresser, free falling strand

Caramel Brown

black winter coat, wool hat, chocolate hair, brown lipstick

Ash tint with slightly bladed lace, tulle blouse in ash pink

Nina Dobrev with chocolate hair, yellow complexion, long free-falling hair +

cool brown nuance for white-yellow skin, white teeth, thin lips

very long eyelashes, pink lipstick, golden necklace

gray-brown hair with big curls, bright eyes, pink rouge

black top with straps, black bust holder with white dots

three different hairstyles for long hair, ponytail, black dresses

white kitchen with black marble table top, green t-shirt, thin hair

which hair color is mine, color palette with blond and brown nuances

black brown free-falling hair, blue eyes, blue cotton top

black cape, copper with purple and brown strands, black Schmincke

two hairstyles for blonde hair, cool blonde, warm blonde, hair blow dry

Black Brown

brown complexion, dark brown to black hair, green eyes, cat's eyes, Adriana Lima

short blond hair with a pink neck, pink-brown skin, top with straps

deep purple neck with lilac lengths and light purple tips, curls, yellow skin

chocolate brown hair, slightly wavy, green cat eyes, yellow facial skin

long curly hair with black neck and purple lengths, shirt with black collar

Helan Abdulla, intense red hair, black eyeliner, brown eyebrows, nose piercing

gray eyes, black eye pencil, red mahogany hair, piercing

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